What does it mean to work at HCL Infosystems?

To us Work @ HCL means managing challenging tasks and challenging the status quo to drive continuous improvements and innovations. It often means being given roles and responsibilities – and most of all freedom – which one would expect much later in their career.

When did HCl start its infrastructure services division?

1990’s. Known as the years of consolidation, HCL Comnet (currently the Infrastructure Services Division) was launched and it went on to pioneer Remote Infrastructure Management. The first order came from Asia’s largest stock exchange – National Stock Exchange in 1993.

How is innovation institutionalized in work at HCL?

Innovation at HCL is institutionalized. Every year the top Innovative Ideas are selected for proof-of-concept funding and further development. This is because Work @ HCL is driven by the 3 E’s: Empowerment –Enablement – Encouragement. There is a 4th E, which is the essence of who we are and where we come from – Entrepreneurial Spirit.

Which is the talent foundry of HCL Infosystems?

That’s HCL Infosystems – the company that not only pioneered Indian IT, but perhaps more importantly nurtured literally over a thousand entrepreneurs, CEOs and CXOs to become known as the ‘Talent Foundry’. Our People are a potent blend of home-grown talent and inducted expertise from some of the best companies in the world.

How long have I worked at HCL Technologies?

My professional career spans to more than two decades out of which 13 years have been at HCL managing and leading various HR verticals like Talent Development, Diversity, Employee Experience and Engagement.

What kind of job can I get at HCL?

At HCL, individuals can chart their own career options of being an Entrepreneur or Manager or a Technocrat. We believe in empowering and encouraging people to Learn, Grow and Own. Be An Entrepreneur: At HCL you can start your career from campus and grow to head a business.