What does it mean when something is on crack?

It can be used as slang for when someone does something crazy. ” Are you on crack?” ” I’m on crack” isn’t something that someone would ever say. Someone on drugs would usually just say “I’m really high”.

What does cracked mean slang?

Informal. eccentric; mad; daffy: a charming person, but a bit cracked.

Does Crack mean good?

The use of “crack” as an adjective meaning “first-rate, excellent” in such phrases as “crack shot” and “crack regiment” also derives from this “boast or brag” sense. Then there is the Irisch “craic” meaning a laugh, good fun, good party.

What does cracked mean in warzone?

Cracked=hit for white.

Why do people say im on crack?

It means that you’ve done something stupid, because of a momentary lapse in judgment or thought.

What is an example of cracking?

Cracking, as the name suggests, is a process in which large hydrocarbon molecules are broken down into smaller and more useful ones, for example: The cracking products, such as ethene, propene, buta-1,3-diene and C4 alkenes, are used to make many important chemicals.

What does you’re cracked mean in fortnite?

very good
Cracked: The description used when a player is very good at the game or makes a great play.

Why do footballers call each other crack?

The only place where the English word “crack” is used in sport is in shooting. Crack players are impact players and are often talismanic for the clubs they play in, not just because of their goal-scoring abilities but also the great inspiration their name provides to their side. …

What does the crack mean in Ireland?

Craic (/kræk/ KRAK) or crack is a term for news, gossip, fun, entertainment, and enjoyable conversation, particularly prominent in Ireland. It is often used with the definite article – the craic – as in the expression “What’s the craic?” (meaning “How are you?” or “What’s happening?”).

What does crack at fortnite mean?

Why do British say crack on?

It appears to be British slang (at the very least). It also appears to have several meanings, but the relevant ones follow. So it sounds like it could mean, “Let’s begin!” or “Let’s continue!” depending one where you are in the process. So it sounds like they hit on/flirted with the girl.