What does snow performance do?

Snow Performance Boost Cooler(r) is a featured product in a buyers guide as a proven way to increase octane and power on naturally aspirate, high-compression engines. Increase fuel efficiency and run low-grade gasoline while improving performance.

How do you adjust a snow performance boost switch?

At the factory setting, the boost switch will start injection at 9-11 psi. boost. To increase the activation point, one (1) full turn clockwise will increase switch pressure by about 2psi. To decrease the activation point, one (1) full turn counter-clockwise will decrease switch pressure by about 2psi.

Where is Snow Performance located?

Water methanol injection system manufacturer Snow Performance, located in Woodland Park, Colorado, has been acquired by Nitrous Express (NX). Nitrous Express, located in Wichita Falls, Texas, manufactures nitrous systems and related accessories.

What does boost juice do for cars?

In diesel engines, this water/methanol mix provides for power increases and cooler exhaust gas temperatures for safer towing and power. Add some power to your diesel engine, while keeping safe exhaust gas temperatures, with Snow Performance Boost Juice.

How does water/methanol injection work?

Water/methanol injection systems deliver a finely atomized mist of a water/methanol mixture to an engine’s cylinder charge, and as the mixture absorbs heat and vaporizes, temperatures inside the cylinder are reduced and the propensity for detonation is decreased.

What does methanol injection do?

How much HP can methanol injection add?

The Big Fuel Test: Meth Injection Adds 42 RWHP.

Will methanol hurt my engine?

Methanol will destroy the aluminum in your engine by causing it to oxidize, or basically rust. Methanol does this by destroying the aluminum-oxide coating on the surface of the aluminum, this causes the aluminum to oxidize again once exposed to oxygen and form a new layer of aluminum-oxide….

Can you run methanol without a tune?

It’s fine. The purpose of re-tuning is to take advantage of the ability to advance timing more with the meth. Otherwise it’s basically just another level of safety since it’s cooling the intake charge.

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