What does the term Chevy Chase mean?

noun A scampering noise or chasing about; a running pursuit. See Chevy Chase in the Century Cyclopedia of Names.

Where did the term Chevy Chase come from?

The name Chevy Chase is derived from Cheivy Chace, the name of the land patented to Colonel Joseph Belt from Charles Calvert, 5th Baron Baltimore on July 10, 1725….

Chevy Chase, Maryland
Country United States
State Maryland
County Montgomery

Whats Chevy Chases real name?

Cornelius Crane Chase
Chevy Chase/Full name

What is Chevy Chase sick with?

Chevy Chase is back home after recovering from a “heart issue” that led to a five-week hospitalization. The National Lampoon’s Vacation star, 77, revealed in a recent interview that he suffered from “a heart issue,” which landed him in medical care.

Is Chevy Chase named after the street?

Chevy Chase — the street — was not named after Chevy Chase, the comedian. It was actually inspired by an old Scottish sing-along called “The Ballad of Chevy Chase”.

Who did Chevy Chase marry?

Jayni Chasem. 1982
Jacqueline Carlinm. 1976–1980Suzanne Chasem. 1973–1976
Chevy Chase/Spouse

Is Chevy Chase MD rich?

The town is the wealthiest in Maryland, with a median income of over $250,000, the highest income bracket listed by the census bureau, and a median home value of $1,823,800. Chevy Chase Village includes 721 homes. It is known for its speed limit enforcement actions, which produce 24% of its annual revenue.

Does Chevy Chase drink alcohol?

To cope, Chase started drinking and his usage escalated, according to his daughter, from glasses of wine to bottles, to vodka. He was diagnosed with alcohol cardiomyopathy, a weakening of the heart muscles from alcohol abuse.

Why was Chevy Chase in hospital?

Chevy Chase revealed he was recently in the hospital for a heart issue (not related to COVID-19), and following his extended medical stay, the SNL alum is now at home recovering and surrounded by his family. I can only say how happy I am to now be back with my family. I’m feeling good.

Who are Chevy Chase’s daughters?

Caley Leigh Chase
Emily Evelyn ChaseCydney Cathalene Chase
Chevy Chase/Daughters

Who is Chevy Chase’s mother?

Cathalene Parker Browning
Chevy Chase/Mothers

Chase’s parents divorced early. He loved his father, Ned, an influential book editor and one of the funniest people he ever met. But he lived with his mother, Cathalene, who would wake him up in the middle of the night and slap him repeatedly in the face without explanation. Once, at 14, he got into trouble at school.