What episode does the Tardis explode?

The Pandorica Opens
The Silence’s destruction of the TARDIS in season 5 is one of Doctor Who’s greatest mysteries. During the episode “The Pandorica Opens,” the Doctor is imprisoned inside the Pandorica, a box created to hold him, in a bid to prevent him from operating the TARDIS at the exact time it’s supposed to blow up.

Why does the Tardis explode in The Pandorica Opens?

The Pandorica and the Exploding TARDIS The alliance didn’t find out what had caused the TARDIS to explode, they also didn’t realise it was already happening as River Song was piloting the TARDIS when an alien force took it over causing it to explode.

Did Vincent van Gogh paint the Tardis?

The painting is based on the Van Gogh painting Starry Night, which is an actual Van Gogh, and probably one of the most famous images in modern art. The Exploding Tardis is a painting Van Gogh made after having a nightmare about the Doctor’s ship.

What did the doctor whisper to himself?

A bewildered Amy wonders how the Doctor keeps vanishing, making him explain what the device on his wrist is: “cheap, and nasty time travel; it’s bad for you. I’m trying to give it up.” The Eleventh Doctor whispers to himself.

Did doctor who actually film at Stonehenge?

Moffat chose Stonehenge as the primary location for the episode because the monument was large and important enough to be suitable for the fall of someone as powerful as the Doctor. Filming was done at the real Stonehenge in Wiltshire on the night of 2 February 2010.

What happens if the Tardis blows up?

Aside from the Moon, the exploding TARDIS, and Earth and its inhabitants, every star, planet, life form and object was erased from the Universe, past, present and future. Those races present near the initial explosion, namely, the Alliance, were preserved as stone statues.

Did Van Gogh paint Stonehenge?

You may wish to consult The Pandorica Opens (disambiguation) for other, similarly-named pages. The Pandorica Opens, also known as Blue Box Exploding, was one of the final paintings by Vincent van Gogh, painted in 1890 and inspired by transmissions he picked up from the Stonehenge of 102 AD.

What did the Doctor whisper in Melody’s ear?

“It was a wheat field…not a corn field…” I think it he said his name. And it would be a perfect time for the Doctor to tell her, right before his death. either that or that he loves her.

Who is the artist of the exploding TARDIS?

The Exploding Tardis is a painting Van Gogh made after having a nightmare about the Doctor’s ship. It’s not actually a Van Gogh, it’s part of the story in an episode of Doctor Who.

Why did the TARDIS explode in doctor who series 5?

Nick ponders the unanswered questions that arose from Doctor Who’s series 5 finale: what caused the TARDIS to explode, and why?

Why did the TARDIS explode in the Big Bang finale?

For those who may have forgotten this momentous event, here’s a brief reminder – in The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang finale the exploding TARDIS caused cracks throughout time which reverberated back throughout series five/thirty-one.

Is there a connection between cracks in time and the TARDIS?

Now, after watching the fan-pleasing Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS, it couldn’t just be me who noticed the parallels between this episode and the finale of Matt Smith’s debut series as the Doctor – namely cracks in time and an exploding TARDIS.