What episode shows Zuko getting burned?

The Storm
“The Storm” is the 12th episode of Book One: Water of Avatar: The Last Airbender and the 12th of the overall series.

Is Fire Lord Zuko bad?

During his exile, Zuko was a bitter, impatient, and complex young man, akin to a tragic villain. More than anything, he wanted his place as heir to the Fire Nation throne and his father’s love.

Why is Zuko not firelord in Lok?

Reddit user neilader argues that “the real reason Ozai banished Zuko was so that Azula could take his place as heir to the throne.” According to the theory, Ozai had always planned to get rid of Zuko in one way or another so his evil and more powerful sister Azula could become Ozai’s successor.

Did Fire Lord marry Zuko?

Mai is Zuko’s most consistent romantic interest. One of Azula’s only friends, she accompanies Azula on her hunt for Zuko and Iroh. However, she was released upon Ozai and Azula’s defeat. The series ended with her and the newly crowned Fire Lord Zuko resuming their relationship.

Who burned Zuko?

Ozai burned Zuko by permanently scarring the left side of his face, stripped him of his birthright, and exiled him from his beloved homeland, declaring that he could return only after having found and captured the Avatar, who had disappeared nearly one hundred years prior.

Is Zuko good or bad?

From the very beginning of the series, Zuko isn’t just a villain. While he is positioned as an antagonist for Aang, he’s also battling his own villains. Zuko is up against his father and his father’s generals.

Can Zuko breathe fire?

So according to the wikis page on firebending (and my memory), the only people who have been shown to breathe fire are Ozai, Iroh, Zuko, Azula, Aang, Mako, and Korra. From my memory, however, these two have only been shown to breathe fire during Sozins comet, so they might not be able to normally do it.

Does Zuko become Fire Lord?

Prince Zuko becomes Fire Lord Zuko at the end of Avatar: The Last Airbender, and his story continues in the tie-in comics and The Legend of Korra.

Who is Fire Lord in Avatar?

Fire Nation . Avatar: The Last Airbender. Fire Lord Ozai (voiced by Mark Hamill in the animated series, and portrayed by Cliff Curtis in the live-action film) is the ruler of the Fire Nation. He is often depicted as unnecessarily cruel, such as scarring Zuko ‘s face and banishing him for perceived disrespect.

Who was the Fire Lord before Ozai?

Fire Lord Sozin was the instigator of the War and the Fire Lord before his son, Azulon. He was grandfather to Iroh and Ozai and great-grandfather to Zuko, Azula, and Lu Ten. Using the fire-enhancing power of a comet, Sozin eradicated the Air Nomads to try to eliminate the next Avatar, but failed.

How old was Zuko?

Zuko is 16 years old. Six years prior to the start of the series, Prince Ozai, Zuko’s father, attempted to usurp his elder brother Iroh ‘s birth right and steal the throne for himself.