What Geometry Dash is deadlocked in?

Deadlocked is the twentieth level of Geometry Dash and the third level with a Demon difficulty. 30 secret coins are required to unlock the level.

Is Deadlocked an easy demon?

Deadlocked: Medium demon. Deadlocked is the hardest to unlock for a reason: it’s tough. Through both a technical stand-point and a memorization stand-point, it is hard in both spectrums.

What is the hardest map in geometry dash?

Currently, the list classifies Tartarus as the hardest Demon level in the game.

When was Geometrylock deadlocked released?

19 July, 2015: Topala confirms that the new robot mode will be in the new “Deadlocked” level.

Is deadlocked in JSAB?

Description. It is unlocked in the Playlist dashing 5000 times in total during challenge runs.

What’s the last Geometry Dash level?

Geometry Dash currently consists of 21 official levels from the initial number of 7….

Geometry Dash
Latest release Geometry Dash SubZero December 21, 2017

Is Zodiac harder than bloodlust?

The other Zodiac victors tend to agree that Zodiac is far harder than Crimson Planet and Bloodlust and that the level is on a completely different scale than those two.

What if Wicked was a boss fight JSAB?

what if Wicked was a boss battle is a fan made level by KofiKrumble. the boss fight uses the song Wicked from Just Shapes And Beats and shows what it could be like if it was a boss battle. the character is a person with a hat the can shoot rectangles out of the hat. the boss fight Premiered on youtube at Aug 17, 2020.

What do you get at deadlocked Geometry Dash?

If all 3 coins are collected, the player will be rewarded with an extra icon. Deadlocked is the only official level with invisible manipulation and form portals (if Nock Em isn’t counted). Deadlocked is the only level to reward 15 stars, the highest amount of stars that can be earned from any level.

Which is the first Demon level in Geometry Dash?

Deadlocked is the first demon level to use the very fast speed portal (same for the robot and dual portals) Deadlocked was the first level developed by RobTop to have a “bossfight”, happening during the UFO sequence at 64%

How do you get the second coin in Geometry Dash?

There are three different ways to collect the second coin. The first way is to go in the secret path and jump with very little boost to the platform with the secret coin. Then, an “invisible” block will appear on which the player must land on and then jump from to continue normally.