What happened Crosstex Energy?

Crosstex Energy Inc. officially merged its assets with Devon Energy Corp. creating a new company called Enlink Midstream LLC. Enlink Midstream has assets in the Barnett Shale, the Permian Basin, the Cana and Arkoma Woodford, the Eagle Ford Shale, the Haynesville Shale, Utica Shale and Marcellus Shale.

What does Enlink midstream do?

EnLink Midstream Partners, LP operates as a midstream energy company. The Company gathers, transmits, processes, and markets natural gas, crude oil, and condensate, as well as operates gathering and transportation pipelines, processing plants, fractionators, barge, and rail terminals.

Who owns Enlink midstream?

EnLink Midstream
EnLink Midstream Partners, LP/Parent organizations

Does ENLC issue a K 1?

This is a partnership issue and investors will receive a k-1. The ENLC preferred is a perpetual issue and may be redeemed at par anytime after 12/15/2022.

How many employees does EnLink midstream have?

EnLink Midstream Partners, LP has 1,472 employees.

What does midstream mean in oil and gas?

Midstream refers to points in the oil production process that falls between upstream and downstream. In particular, midstream activities include the storage, processing, and transportation of petroleum products. These may include companies that specialize in operating tanker ships, pipelines, or storage facilities.

Who bought EnLink?

Devon Energy
Devon Energy Completes Sale of Ownership Interests in EnLink Midstream.

Does EnLink Midstream LLC Issue K-1?

23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — EnLink Midstream Partners, LP (the Partnership) today announced that its 2019 tax package, which includes the Schedule K-1 (Form 1065) for common unitholders and Series C Preferred Unitholders, will be available online beginning February 24, 2020.

Is EnLink Midstream LLC a PTP?

EnLink provides integrated midstream services across natural gas, crude oil, condensate, and NGL commodities. Headquartered in Dallas, EnLink is publicly traded through EnLink Midstream, LLC (NYSE: ENLC), the General Partner, and EnLink Midstream Partners, LP (NYSE: ENLK), the Master Limited Partnership.

Is EnLink a good company?

Productive, family oriented organization with a huge emphasis on safety. EnLink is a company I would work for again if given the opportunity. They are family oriented, focused, driven & community involved. I cannot say enough good about this company or the people I worked with.

How many employees does EnLink have?

1,472 employees
EnLink Midstream Partners, LP has 1,472 employees.

Are oilfield services midstream?