What happened to Emily Shadwick Brookside?

Her younger sister Emily was killed during the Brookside Siege of 2002 and her mother then moved to Brussels. In the final episode of Brookside Nikki reveals she is going to live with her Mother Margi in Brussels.

How did Beth Jordache die?

Beth Jordache – Brookside The women were eventually sent to prison for the murder where Beth died – off-screen – from a genetic heart condition, two hours before their appeal.

Who was Tinheads girlfriend?

After our Brookside reunion during Loose Women Soap Week, it was only right re reunited two other stars of the show: Philip Olivier and co-star Jennifer Ellison who played teen lovers Tinhead and Emily.

Who were the families in Brookside?

Number 10

Family Characters
Taylor Gavin Taylor (died 1982), Petra Taylor (died 1983)
Jackson George Jackson, Marie Jackson, Gary Jackson, little George Jackson
Corkhill Billy Corkhill (left 1990), Doreen Corkhill (left 1987), Sheila Corkhill (1988–90), Rod Corkhill, Tracy Corkhill
Corkhill Rod Corkhill 1985-1993, Diana Corkhill

Who got murdered in Brookside?

Trevor Jordache is a character played by Bryan Murray in Brookside. The character only appeared in the soap briefly in 1993, but was a feature in the programme until his body was discovered in 1995 in one of the most memorable storylines of its history.

How long was Trevor Jordache under the patio?

two years
Long-suffering wife Mandy stabbed her abuser Trevor, the man whose evil eyes gave Brookside viewers nightmares, and buried him under the patio in 1993. It took two years for his body to be found, during which time barbecues and plumbers’ visits at chez Jordache triggered full-on panic. How fast?

What happened to the houses in Brookside Close?

After the end of Brookside the entire close was sold to a developer who then stripped, gutted and attempted to rebuild the interior of the houses before putting them up for sale in 2007. But the semi-finished properties didn’t sell and the developer went into receivership with the houses falling into neglect and decay.

Where is Jimmy Corkhill now?

In 2001, he separates from Jackie. After the siege, neighbour Nikki Shadwick (Suzanne Collins) sees Jimmy as a father figure, but her feelings turn to infatuation, and the two sleep together. Jimmy goes to live with his son-in-law Barry Grant (Paul Usher) and daughter in their mansion in Blaydon, Tyne and Wear.

Why was Brookside axed?

Brookside cast 17 years after show was axed – from Hollywood to jail for selling drugs. For 21 years, Channel 4 soap Brookside had viewers gripped with its scandal and hard-hitting storylines from the Liverpool close.

Why did Brookside get axed?

Although the series had a long and successful run, its viewing figures were in terminal decline by 2000, and low ratings eventually led to its cancellation in June 2003. The final episode was broadcast on 4 November 2003 and was watched by around two million viewers.

Who did they bury under the patio in Brookside?

Brookside’s most memorable storyline saw abusive husband Trevor Jordache murdered by his tormented wife Mandy in 1993. Mandy and her daughter Beth buried Trevor’s body under the patio in the back garden, where it remained for two years.

What happened to the houses on Brookside?