What happened to Princeton Packet?

The paper was purchased by former Wall Street Journal publisher Barney Kilgore in 1955, inherited by his family after his death, and has been expanded by acquisition of newspapers in adjoining towns….Princeton Packet.

Type Weekly newspaper
Publisher Joe Eisele
Editor Aubrey Huson
Founded 1786
Language English

Who owns the Princeton Packet?

James B. Kilgore
Packet Media Group is owned by the Kilgore family. James B. Kilgore, who has lived in Princeton for most of his life, will remain publisher of the new company’s titles and will retain a seat on the board. He will also remain active in the Princeton area.

What is the Princeton newspaper called?

The Daily Princetonian
The Daily Princetonian is the daily independent student newspaper of Princeton University. Founded in 1876, the Princetonian is among the oldest college newspapers in the country.

Does Princeton have a newspaper?

From Princeton University The Daily Princetonian is the independent student newspaper of Princeton University. Published daily since April, 1892, it is the second oldest running publication of its kind in the United States and has a readership of over 8,000.

What’s considered North Jersey?

The following counties are considered North Jersey.

  • Bergen County.
  • Union County.
  • Essex County.
  • Hudson County.
  • Morris County.
  • Passaic County.
  • Sussex County.
  • Warren County.

Is Toms River Central Jersey?

Central Jersey crept as far north as Millburn and includes most of Union County. Towns like Jackson, Toms River and Berkeley in Ocean County each remained Central Jersey throughout the vote and Florence, Bordentown and Plumsted ended up there after a lot of back-and-forth.

Is the Daily Princetonian reliable?

The Daily Princetonian is dedicated to serving Princetonians past, present, and future through transparent, accurate, and empathetic reporting.

How do I join Princetonian daily?

Drop by our office at 48 University Place during one of our open houses or shoot us an email with any questions at [email protected]. Or, if you already know you would like to apply, fill out this form today. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Does Yale have a newspaper?

The Yale Daily News is an undergraduate-staffed daily newspaper that publishes Monday through Friday during the academic year.

Is Wayne considered North Jersey?

North Jersey comprises the northern portions of the U.S. state of New Jersey between the upper Delaware River and the Atlantic Ocean….Population.

Municipality Wayne
County Passaic
Population in 2017 55,072
Population in 2010 54,717
Municipal Type Township

Is North Jersey better than South Jersey?

North Jersey being better than Central or South Jersey is the most obvious statement of all time -if you live in North Jersey. More restaurants, more museums, more parks, more shops, best restaurants, best pizza, more things to do, more of everything that means anything. North Jersey is where it’s at.

Is Toms River a good place to live?

Toms River is a great place to live, with great employment opportunities and plenty of recreation at a very affordable price, Toms River can make a great home for both young people or families looking for a good place to live.

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