What happened to ruslana Korshunova?

Ruslana Korshunova committed suicide in 2008, cutting through the construction mesh protecting an office building. The Kazakhstan-born model was only 20. Although the New York Police department believed that she had committed suicide, Miss Korshunova’s family and friends could not believe she killed herself.

How did ruslana Korshunova die?

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How old was Ruslana Korshunova when she died?

20 years (1987–2008)
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Why did Ruslana Korshunova commit suicide?

British TV producer and filmmaker Peter Pomerantsev has theorised that Korshunova’s suicide was related to her involvement with Rose of the World, a controversial Moscow-based organisation which describes itself as “training for personality development”.

What nationality is the name Ruslana?

The meaning of Ruslana is the ‘lion’. This name is a Russian variant form of the given name Yeruslan, which is derived from the Turkish folktales known as Tatar folktales. In these folktales Yeruslan was the main character and the hero.

What did Ruslana Korshunova do for a living?

She established herself as a rising figure in the fashion industry by posing for magazines including Vogue and designers such as Vera Wang and Nina Ricci. Korshunova’s unexpected death, under unexplained circumstances, became a longtime controversial subject of international attention. Ruslana Korshunova was born in Almaty, Kazakh SSR.

Who was Ruslana Korshunova’s boyfriend before she died?

Korshunova’s former boyfriend, Artem Perchenok, stated that he dropped Korshunova off at her apartment several hours before her death after they watched the Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore film Ghost together. “I feel that she came to say goodbye,” said Perchenok.

When did Ruslana Korshunova model for British Vogue?

British Vogue hailed Korshunova as “a face to be excited about” in 2005. Korshunova modeled for the covers of French Elle and the Polish and Russian versions of Vogue.

Who was the concierge who saw Ruslana Korshunova?

Muhammad Naqib, a concierge who worked in Korshunova’s building stated, “I was shocked when I saw her on the pavement. She was on the road, small and pitiful, in a puddle of blood, surrounded by a crowd. Her arms and neck were broken”, the man said.