What happened to the Marshall Tucker Band?

They signed with Capricorn Records and released their first album in 1973, The Marshall Tucker Band. After Tommy Caldwell was killed in a car accident in 1980, he was replaced by bassist Franklin Wilkie….

The Marshall Tucker Band
Labels Capricorn, Warner Bros., Mercury, Cabin Fever, Ramblin’

Who sang Can’t you see by Marshall Tucker?

The Marshall Tucker Band
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Who was the lead singer for the Marshall Tucker Band?

Doug Gray
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Still led today by founding member and lead singer Doug Gray, they represent a time and place in music that will never be duplicated. Gray is quick to credit the band’s current dynamic members with carrying on the timeless essence of The Marshall Tucker Band sound.

Where is the Marshall Tucker Band from?

Spartanburg, South Carolina, United States
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Is Marshall Tucker dead?

“Marshall Tucker is 94 years old and still alive,” marvelled Doug Gray, the straight-talking frontman of the southern rock band that co-opted Tucker’s name, when Classic Rock met him in 2011. Nearly five decades after their formation, a permutation of the group continues to perform on stage and make new music.

Who wrote the song can’t you see?

Toy Caldwell
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What movie is the song can’t you see in?

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Who has died from Marshall Tucker Band?

Guitarist Tommy Caldwell
Tommy Caldwell, 30, of the Southern-rock Marshall Tucker Band, died early Monday in his native Spartanburg, S.C., of injuries received in an automobile accident April 22.

What movie was the song can’t you see in?

Can’t you see release date?

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Who was Toy Caldwell’s wife?

Personal life. Caldwell married his wife Abbie on September 12, 1969. The song “Ab’s Song” from The Marshall Tucker Band’s debut album was written for her. He was also the father of two girls, Cassady and Toy Geneal Caldwell.