What if your passport is damaged?

If your passport has been significantly damaged, especially the book cover or the page displaying your personal data and photo, you will need to apply for a new passport. The damaged passport; A signed statement explaining the damaged or mutilated condition of your passport book and/or card; Form DS-11; and.

What is the cost to replace a damaged passport?

Sr. No. Service Required Application Fee
4. Replacement of Passport (36 pages) in lieu of lost, damaged or stolen passport Rs.3,000/-
5. Replacement of Passport (60 pages) in lieu of lost, damaged or stolen passport Rs.3,500/-
6. Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) Rs.500/-

How long does it take to get a damaged passport replaced?

Replace a Damaged Passport Fast. The application to replace a damaged passport using standard service takes 4-6 weeks to process. You can accelerate the process by requesting expedited service. The replacement passport should be delivered to you within 2-3 weeks.

Is it possible to get a replacement passport?

How to Replace a Lost or Stolen Passport. To replace a lost or stolen passport, you must submit Form DS-11 in person. You may be eligible to make an appointment to apply in person at a passport agency or center to replace your passport. Contact your nearest U.S. embassy or consulate to replace your passport.

Can you travel with damaged passport?

Damaged Passports Damaged US passports must be replaced in order to travel. If you have a washed passport or water damaged passport or your passport is torn, ripped, or falling apart, you will need to replace the passport prior to travel.

Will TSA accept a damaged passport?

But do NOT try to travel with a damaged passport. “Significantly damaged” passports are completely ineligible for travel, according to State Department guidelines, and it may surprise you — as it did Baker — to learn how “significant” your passport’s damage may be considered.

Can I travel with a slightly damaged passport?

How do I get a new passport if my passport is damaged?

Replacing a lost, stolen or damaged passport

  1. a completed application form, signed by your guarantor:
  2. two identical passport photos, one of which is signed by the guarantor.
  3. an accepted proof of Canadian citizenship.
  4. a document to prove your identity.
  5. the appropriate fees (passport fee and replacement fee)

Can you fly with a damaged passport?

In fact the Home Office warns: “You must replace your passport if it has more than reasonable wear and tear because you may not be allowed to travel with it.” That’s because a damaged passport may not be accepted as a valid form of identity for you to use when travelling.

What is considered a damaged US passport?

According to the US government, a passport is considered damaged and may not be used if “The passport has been materially changed in physical appearance or composition, or contains a damaged, defective or otherwise nonfunctioning chip, or includes unauthorized changes, obliterations, entries or photographs, or has …

How do you fix a water damaged passport?

Passports that have water damage can no longer be used and should be replaced. You must apply in person to replace a damaged passport at an acceptance facility or at a passport agency.

How do you fix a Damaged passport?

To replace your damaged U.S. passport, submit the Statement of mutilated passport with a completed government application to an Acceptance Agent. Documents need to be properly executed by the Acceptance Agent before it is sent in for processing.

How much does it cost to replace a lost passport?

If you already have a passport, use Form DS-82 to apply for a passport card by mail and avoid the execution fee. Lost, stolen or damaged passport replacement: The application fee is $110 , the execution fee is $35 and the new total fee is $145.00 . Aug 28 2019

What to do if your passport was lost or stolen?

Call the State Department’s office with any questions at 1-877-487-2778 (TTY 1-888-874-7793).

  • or online.
  • Once your passport has been reported lost or stolen it is invalid and cannot be used again.
  • file a police report.
  • How do you report a lost passport?

    You can report your lost or stolen passport in one of three ways: Online: Submit a Form DS-64 online. Report your lost passport or stolen passport immediately to the U.S. Department of State. Visit the Online Passport Application. Hover the”Report Lost or Stolen” tab and click “submit.”.