What is a Mack Thermodyne?

The Mack B series is a model line of trucks produced by Mack Trucks between 1953 and 1966. The B-series was the first Mack truck produced with a diesel engine, introducing the Mack-produced Thermodyne inline-6 in 1953. During 1966, Mack replaced the B-series with the Mack R-series, which lasted into the 21st century.

How much horsepower does a Mack MP8 have?

415 to 505 HP
MP8. The MP8® engine provides the muscle-to-shoulder heavy-duty vocational workloads and highway applications. This 13-liter engine has a horsepower range from 415 to 505 HP and torque ratings from 1,460 to 1,860 lb. -ft.

What is the most powerful Mack truck?

Mack MP10 engine
The 16-liter Mack MP10 engine, the most powerful Mack engine offered, carries over unchanged. With up to 605 horsepower and 2,060 lb. -ft. of torque, the MP10 comes standard in the Titan by Mack model, the ideal choice for heavy-haul, severe-duty applications.

Who makes engines for Mack Trucks?

the Volvo Group
Mack is part of the Volvo Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of diesel, natural gas and electric trucks, buses, construction equipment, marine and industrial engines.

What was the Mack R model?

The Mack R series was a line of Class 8 heavy-duty trucks introduced in the early 1960s by Mack Trucks. It replaced the very successful Mack B series models. R Model production ran for 40 years until the RD model was discontinued in 2004 and the RB and Mack D series DM models were discontinued in 2005.

How many R model Macks were built?

More R models have been built than any other heavy-duty vocational vehicle in trucking history. Since being introduced in 1965, 360,000 have been produced and 200,000 are still operating. At 38 years, the Mack R model has had a longer run than Henry Ford’s Model T, which was made for 19 years.

When did the Mack Maxidyne engine come out?

The Maxidyne engines were a new engineering study by Mack that would yield a “high-torque” rise engine with a much broader power band, much higher torque ratings and the same old dependability and toughness. The Maxidyne became available in 1966, with the introduction of the venerable R model Mack.

How big is a Mack V-8 diesel engine?

I like the big, boxy, square nosed Macks with the “Superliner” emblem in the circle. The ones that were US made, not the newer “euro” looking ones. We’ve got an old super liner its got a pushed power rating to over 450 horse she’s a beast..its a tandem axle dump that used to be a tractor.

What kind of fuel injection did Mack engines use?

The engine used an in-line American Bosch fuel injection pump. Mack turbocharged this engine a little later on and it became the ENDT673. Mack were very conservative and continued to offer both non-turbo and turbo engines well into the 1960’s. I think the engine nomenclature sort of follows this style .. but I could be wrong a lot here, too ..

What kind of engine does an Oz Mack have?

In the era of which you speak, there are basically 3 engines in Oz Macks – the 672 cu in 6 cyl .. the 707 cu in 6 cyl, and the 866 cu in V8. Let me go back .. way back. In 1950, Mack produced a new diesel engine, with a lot of fanfare.