What is a positive word starting with S?

List of Positive Words That Start With S

Sacrifice Safe Secure
Sapling Sardar Sassy
Sate Satiable Satiate
Satiation Satiety Satisfaction
Satisfactorily Satisfactoriness Satisfactory

What are some nouns that start with the letter S?

50 Nouns Starting with S

  • Sable – a mammal of northern Eurasia with soft, dark fur.
  • Sabotage – an intentional destruction of something.
  • Sachet – a small bag filled with things that smell nice.
  • Sacrifice – the act of giving up or forgoing something.
  • Saddle – a padded seat on a horse or bike.

What are Oxytone words?

An oxytone (/ˈɒksɪtoʊn/; from the Ancient Greek: ὀξύτονος, oxýtonos, ‘sharp-sounding’) is a word with the stress on the last syllable, such as the English words correct and reward. (A paroxytone is stressed on the penultimate (second-last) syllable.

What are cool words that start with S?

40 Super S-Words To Supplement Your Vocabulary

  • SACCADE. A saccade is a twitching, jerking movement, particularly of the eyeball.

What is a adjective that starts with S?

50 Adjectives That Start With S

  • saccharine – very sweet, in an artificial way.
  • sacred – religious; venerated as a place or instrument of worship.
  • sacrosanct – most holy; untouchable.
  • sad – unhappy, sorrowful; substandard.
  • safe – protected from harm or danger.
  • sanctimonious – making a show of being holy or righteous.

What is a noun that starts with B?

50 Nouns Starting With B

Noun Definition Synonym
board a long, thin piece of wood plank, panel, slat
boat a vessel used to carry people or cargo on water ship, vessel, canoe
body the physical part of a living thing physique, anatomy, frame
book a story or collection of stories that can be read novel, publication, tome

What is an Oxytonic language?

(of a word) having the stress or acute accent on the last syllable.

What is an example of an Apocope?

“Photo” is a classic example of an apocope; the full, original word is “photograph.” People used to watch moving pictures; now we watch “movies.” And, if you think apocope words, otherwise known as apocopations, are old news, they’re totes not (totes = totally).

What are 5 letter words that start with S?

5-letter words starting with S

Saadh Saads
SABIC sabin
sabir sabji
sable sabot
sabra sabre