What is a supplemental dental plan?

Supplemental dental insurance is a separate plan that enhances your current dental coverage. An individual or family that needs coverage for a particular procedure not covered by their dental plan may choose to purchase supplemental dental insurance to help manage costs.

Can you purchase extra dental insurance?

Supplemental dental insurance is available to help pay for dental treatment. If your current dental insurance plan has a smaller annual maximum benefit, or limit on what the insurance will pay out annually, a supplemental plan can cover treatment that exceeds that cap.

Does Aflac pay for dental work?

Aflac Dental provides benefits for periodic checkups and cleanings, x-rays, fillings, crowns, and much more. Smile. This is going to be quick, easy and painless.

Does Aflac help pay for dental implants?

Major Services: Aflac provides dental insurance that covers implants. We also help cover periodontics, endodontics, oral surgery, dentures, and anesthesia.

How long do you have to have Aflac before you can use it?

Both the policy and the rider must remain in force for five consecutive years for you to be eligible for the Aflac Value Benefit. If the rider is issued after the Effective Date of the policy, the initial consecutive five-year period begins on the rider Effective Date.

How much does it cost to get a tooth pulled without insurance?

Tooth Extraction Costs Without Dental Insurance The cost depends on the type of extraction needed: The average price of a simple extraction without insurance ranges from $150 to $300 per tooth. Surgical extractions, such as wisdom teeth extraction, range from $225 to $2,300.

How much does Delta Dental cover for implants?

How much does Delta Dental cover for implants? While Delta covers 100% of routine procedures, they cover 50% of major dental work like implants.

When to consider a supplemental dental insurance plan?

If your healthcare plan doesn’t offer dental coverage, or your dental care needs exceed the limits of your dental insurance plan, you may want to consider supplemental dental insurance plans.

Can you get supplemental dental insurance with Humana?

If you are eligible for Medicare, Humana offers optional supplemental benefits like dental coverage that enhances your Medicare plan. You can add these benefits to your Humana Medicare Advantage plan when you enroll or anytime throughout the year.

How does dental insurance affect the cost of Orthodontics?

Several factors can affect the cost of orthodontic care, including the recommended type of treatment and whether you have dental insurance. 5 Many Humana dental insurance plans offer discounts on adult and child orthodontic care. Depending on the plan you choose, you may have a range of discounts on the cost of braces and other devices. 6

Can a dental insurance plan pay for missing teeth?

Remember too that dental insurance often will not pay to restore teeth that were missing before you purchased the policy, or work that was underway prior to the policy going into effect. And it can be difficult to coordinate benefits from two dental insurance plans.