What is Atibtmon?

First, let’s explain what does atibtmon.exe do. This little program is designed to switch to a power-saving mode when you unplug your laptop, and it’s designed to work with ATI graphic cards. As for its power-saving features, this application does it by dimming the brightness of your laptop display.

How do I uninstall Atibtmon exe?

Go to the parent directory that contains atibtmon.exe file and delete it. Double click Computer icon on your Desktop. Delete the file named atibtmon.exe. Just move it to Recycle Bin, do not permanently delete, in case the error still persists.

How do I fix a runtime error in Windows 10?

How to fix runtime error?

  1. Temporarily disable Microsoft services.
  2. Run the faulty application in safe mode.
  3. Get enough memory and storage space.
  4. Scan for malware.
  5. Repair visual C++ runtime.
  6. Reinstall visual C++ runtime.
  7. Perform a clean boot.
  8. Rollback/reinstall display driver.

How do I fix Runtime Error Program C in Windows Explorer exe?

Perform System File Checker (SFC) Scan. You can also refer to: Fix Runtime Errors in Internet Explorer. Disclaimer: The Reset Internet Explorer Settings feature might reset security settings or privacy settings that you added to the list of Trusted Sites.

How do I disable Atibtmon?

To disable atibtmon.exe process via Task Manager, do the following:

  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys to open Task Manager.
  2. If Task Manager opens in compact mode, click or tap on More details.
  3. On the Processes tab, right-click on atibtmon.exe and select End Task.

Why do I keep getting runtime errors?

Runtime Errors Depending on the situation, there are a few reasons why a runtime error might occur: There’s a bug in the software. Memory or another system resource is in short supply. You’ve entered a foreign character into a text field, or performed some kind of action that isn’t allowed.

How do you solve an abnormal termination program?


  1. Press “Ctrl + Alt + Delete”, click the “Task Manager” button and then click the “Processes” tab.
  2. Locate the following processes and if they exist, highlight them and click “End Task” or “End Process”:
  3. Navigate to C:\Program Files\Scansoft\PaperPort and locate paprport.exe (application).

How do I fix VC runtime error?

How do I fix the Microsoft Visual C++ runtime library error?

  1. Remove your graphics card driver. In the Search bar enter device manager.
  2. Perform a clean boot.
  3. Reinstall Windows 10.
  4. Reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables.
  5. Create a new user account.
  6. Turn off the Compatibility mode.
  7. Reinstall the problematic application.

How do you stop a runtime error?

How to Fix a Runtime Error

  1. Restart the computer.
  2. Update the program to its latest version.
  3. Fully delete the program, and then reinstall it.
  4. Install the latest Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable package.
  5. Use SFC scannow to repair corrupted Windows files.
  6. Run System Restore to return your computer to a previous state.

What are common runtime errors?

The most common causes of runtime errors in Java are: Dividing a number by zero. Accessing an element in an array that is out of range. Attempting to store an incompatible type value to a collection.

What is abnormal program termination?

Abnormal program termination refers to a runtime error where an unexpected or unusual fault occurs and Windows must close the program. In most cases, a specific set of circumstances is the cause of an abnormal termination.