What is Barbie as The Island Princess based on?

Based on the Original Screenplay by Cliff Ruby and Elana Lesser. Shipwrecked as a child, Princess Rosella has been raised by the wild animals on an idyllic island and has no knowledge of who she is or of the outside world.

What is the island called in Barbie Island Princess?

Kelly Sheridan as “Ro”/Princess Rosella of Paladia. As a little girl, she falls overboard during a storm while on a ship in the South Seas. She washes up on Sagi’s island and suffers amnesia afterwards, setting up the events of the film.

How old is RO in Barbie Island Princess?

Marooned on an idyllic islet with her few possessions, the beautiful six-year-old girl, Ro, befriends three compassionate little animals: Sagi, the red panda; Tika, the baby elephant, and Azul, the peacock.

How does Barbie Island Princess end?

Ariana runs away, pushing both Antonio and Rosella, but is stopped by Ro and Tika; she falls into a pigpen, reflecting how her parents were made into pig farmers. Then she is banished, but Luciana is free to stay. King Peter apologizes to Ro and Antonio and gives them his blessing to get married.

Is Barbie a princess?

This resulted in the creation of the Barbie film series, which initially revolved around Barbie being re-imagined as a princess and eventually expanded into various worlds of fashion and fantasy.

Who is the villain in Barbie as The Island Princess?

Queen Ariana
Queen Ariana is the main antagonist in Barbie as The Island Princess. Her main goal was to marry her daughter, Princess Luciana to Prince Antonio, the heir to the throne of Apollonia.

Who is Barbie’s voice in the movies?

Kelly Sheridan

Kelly Sheridan
Occupation Voice actress
Years active 1992–present
Known for Barbie in the Barbie film series
Website www.kellysheridan.ca

Is Arianna a Disney princess?

Queen Arianna’s given name was from executive producer, Chris Sonnenburg’s, daughter, Arianna. Queen Arianna and King Frederic have no speaking lines in the 2010 film. This makes Arianna and Fredric the first parents of a Disney Princess to appear as silent characters.

Is Kelly Sheridan rich?

Kelly Sheridan net worth: Kelly Sheridan is a Canadian voice actress who has a net worth of $2 million. Kelly Sheridan was born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in May 1977. She is best known for providing the voice of Barbie in her film series from 2001 to 2005.

Is Barbie a superhero?

Soooo Barbie Is A Superhero Now. Yeah, you read that right. Mattel , begrudgingly admitting that maybe, just maybe, girls also like superheroes, has turned its flagship doll character into one herself.

Is there a new Barbie movie?

The upcoming Barbie film is moving to 2020, which is just one of several release date changes made by Sony Pictures. The original date for the film was August 8, 2018, but Barbie, which stars Anne Hathaway , will now hit theaters almost two years later on May 8, 2020.

Who is Princess Barbie?

Barbie stars as Kara, a modern-day princess with an everyday life. One day, after being kissed by a magical butterfly, Kara soon discovers she has amazing super powers allowing her to transform into Super Sparkle, her secret, crime-fighting alter ego who flies around the kingdom ready to save the day!