What is Facilis Descensus averno?

Definition of facilis descensus Averno : the descent to Avernus [the underworld] is easy : the road to evil is smooth.

What is averno?

[ uh-vur-noh; Italian ah-ver-naw ] SHOW IPA. / əˈvɜr noʊ; Italian ɑˈvɛr nɔ / PHONETIC RESPELLING. noun. a crater lake in S Italy, near Naples and the Tyrrhenian Sea, thought by ancients to be the entrance to the underworld.

What declension does the adjective facilis facile belong to?

Here’s another third-declension adjective, facilis, facile, meaning “easy, agreeable.” It has to be i-stem too.

What is averno TikTok?

Created by TikTok stars Morgan Smith, Abigail Greenwood, and Sushi Soucy, the new musical is part of the Averno Universe. The Averno Universe is an immersive, interactive IP of interlocking musicals, comics, novels, and virtual reality that centers on a southern town.

What is averno camp?

Camp Averno is the summer camp hosted in the outskirts of Averno. It is also the meeting place of the Sprout Scouts, who have a long and loathed relationship with the campers. The Sprout Scouts have the camp buildings from September 1-June 1, when they have to vacate the premises so the campers can use them.

What gender is Facilis?

English : – easy/easy to deal with/affable/good

GEN. facilis facilis
DAT. facili facili
ACC. facilem facilem
ABL. facili facili

What is the superlative of facilis?

Their positive forms all end -lis, -le, for instance, facilis, facile (“easy”), the superlative of which is facillimus. Its negative difficilis (“difficult”) has a superlative difficillimus, and similis (“like” as in “alike”) has a superlative simillimus.

What is Camp averno?

Is Camp averno real?

Camp Averno can refer to three different things: the in-universe summer camp, the online event hosted by the team, and the real life gathering of assorted Averno musicians for recording (which often takes place at the same time as online Camp Averno but is otherwise unrelated).

What is hoc Latin?

hoc. this. he, she, it.

Is Summus a superlative?

Their corresponding superlatives include extremus (“outermost”), supremus or summus (“highest”), and ultimus (“farthest”).