What is iContact XE?

iContact is a 5-star solid choice for sending bulk personalized emails. iContact is a mind blowing tool and it comes with well-designed templates that helps us save precious time.

How much is iContact monthly?

iContact Pricing

Name Price
iContact Free FreeNo credit card required!
Base $15/month
Pro 30/month
High-Volume Sender Need CPM pricing?Contact Us: (919) 957-6150

How does iContact work?

iContact offers high-volume email marketing at affordable pricing. Their email marketing software powers campaigns of any size. If you choose to pay upfront then you will receive a 15% discount the cost of the annual plan. For more information and latest and most up to date prices visit iContact’s website.

Which is better iContact or constant contact?

iContact gives you slightly more styling flexibility. Constant Contact has a best-in-class email deliverability rate of 97%. iContact does not list their deliverability rate. Both only have support during North American business hours.

What does iContact cost?

$15 per month
Pricing and Features As of December 2019, iContact pricing begins at $15 per month for 500 subscribers or email contacts; signing up for an annual plan brings the price down to $12.75 per month in the Base plan. This includes a drag-and-drop editor, Welcome series automation, and a stock image library.

Is iContact the same as Constant Contact?

There’s one potentially big difference that will affect your cost: With Constant Contact, you can send unlimited emails to your subscribers. With iContact, you can only send up to 6 times your subscriber limit per month.

Who is AWeber best for?

AWeber is a great option for large enterprises and businesses with affiliate marketing in their game plan. Some of the few reasons to pick AWeber over Mailchimp include: AWeber has more templates (over 700) than MailChimp.

Does AWeber have a free trial?

With AWeber Free, you’ll never have to worry about time running out on a free trial. Plus, you can start a free account without ever having to enter your credit card information.

Where is iContact located?

Morrisville, NC
iContact is headquartered in Morrisville, NC and has 2 office locations across 1 country.

Why is Mailchimp bad?

Mailchimp lacks behind in terms of tagging and segmentation. Mailchimp is still very list-based. Yes you can use tags, but only inside of lists, and lists are siloed. Basically this means your campaigns won’t be as targeted as you would like them to be, without a big workaround.

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