What is Ispashmina shawl?

Pashmina refers to a fine variant of spun cashmere, the animal-hair fibre forming the downy undercoat of the Changthangi goat. The word pashm means “wool” in Persian, but in Kashmir, pashm referred to the raw unspun wool of domesticated Changthangi goats.

What is pashmina shawl famous for?

Pashmina is the art of handcrafting luxury apparel and accessories from the downy undercoat of the Himalayan goat. The goat dwells in the Changthang area of Ladakh – India. This region over 14000 feet above sea level is known to be home to a community of herders.

What are Kashmiri shawls called?

Types of Kashmiri Shawls The base fabric of Kashmiri shawls is of three types – Shahtoosh, Pashmina and Raffal. Shahtoosh is called the king of wool. It is often known by the name “ring Shawl” because it is so fine that it can pass through a ring.

Is pashmina cruel?

Pashmina is cruelty-free, animals are not killed for Pashmina, and hence, Pashmina is not banned.

Is Cashmere same as Pashmina?

It is the subspecies of the goat that make the main difference between the Cashmere and Pashmina. Cashmere shawls are those that are made of the wools of the Himalayan goats but Pashmina is exclusively made from a specific breed of mountain goat called Capra Hircus. On the other hand, Cashmere is easier to spin.

What is the cost of pashmina shawl?

Hm Heels Price List

Hm Heels PRICE (RS)
MAXENCE Unisex Grey & Yellow Printed Pure Pashmina Shawl Rs. 1367
Indo Era Coral Pink & White Solid Pashmina Silk Shawl Rs. 657
Indo Era Black & Grey Floral Woven Design Pashmina Silk Shawl Rs. 791
Pashmoda Women Beige & Orange Woven Design Woolen Shawl Rs. 2410

Why is Pashmina so expensive?

The pashm wool comes from the Capra Hircus goat indigenous to high altitudes of the Himalayan mountains. Every spring, they shed their winter coat and it is collected for the weaving process. In addition to this, a single Pashmina shawl requires wool from about three goats. Hence the exorbitant price becomes obvious.

What is Sozni?

Sozni (or suzani) embroidery is a style of embroidery from the Jammu and Kashmir region in the northwest of the Indian subcontinent. Sozni embroidery is, among others, used especially to decorate shawls, especially for the panels along the side of the cloth.

What are Sozni shawls?

They belong to the Shia community of devout Muslims from Kashmir and are an example of how closely communities can collaborate rather than compete. Each shawl is rolled and pressed over a large rotating drum for evenness. After a long and arduous process, the kani sozni shawls are folded and ready for sale.

What is more expensive pashmina or cashmere?

Since pashmina only comes from one type of goat, it is more expensive and softer and warmer than cashmere. Cashmere is still soft and warm but slightly more durable and less expensive than pashmina.