What is Jandakot Airport used for?

The primary function of Jandakot Airport is “air work” aviation rather than passenger transportation. Due to its Mediterranean climate, the airport has excellent flying conditions almost all year round with long hours of sunlight and good weather.

Who bought Jandakot Airport?

Credit: Thompson.matthew / Wikipedia. Real estate companies Dexus and APN Industria REIT (ADI) have joined forces to acquire Jandakot Airport in Western Australia (WA) for $940m (A$1.3bn). As agreed, Dexus will acquire a 66.7% stake in the entities that own a 76-year ground lease at Jandakot Airport (JAD).

How many subsidiaries does GE have?

GE Energy was divided into three subsidiaries: GE Power, GE Energy Connections, and GE Oil & Gas. In 2016, GE merged its Oil & Gas segment with Baker Hughes Incorporated in a deal valued at roughly $30 billion.

What does General Electric do?

General Electric Company is an industrial company. The Company operates through its industrial segments, Power, Renewable Energy, Aviation and Healthcare, and its financial services segment, Capital.

How busy is Jandakot Airport?

Jandakot Airport is “the busiest general aviation airport in Australia in terms of aircraft movements”. The airport recorded 208,778 aircraft movements in the fiscal year ending 30 June 2018, also making it the sixth-busiest civilian airport in Australia in that period as measured by aircraft movements.

Does Jandakot airport have a control tower?

Jandakot Airport has its own dedicated Air Traffic Control Tower, operated by Airservices Australia. The operating hours for the ATC Tower are published in ERSA.

How long is Perth airport runway?

Perth Airport has two runways: The main runway 03/21 – 3,444 metres in length and 45 metres wide. The cross-runway 06/24 – 2,163 metres in length and 45 metres wide.

How long is Jandakot airport runway?

Jandakot Airport has a multi-runway configuration, comprising two parallel runways and a cross runway: 06L/24R is 1392m in length and 30m wide. 06R/24L is 1150m in length and 18m wide. 12/30 is 1508m in length and 30m wide.

How can I listen to air traffic control in Australia?

If you’ve got nothing better to do on one night, visit LiveATC.net, where anyone with a computer or smartphone and a passing interest in aviation can listen to control towers live, worldwide, and in full action. Student pilots use it to listen to their local airport to get accustomed to the myriad radio calls required.