What is Lagos Island ZIP code?

Lagos Island

Lagos Island Ìsàlẹ̀ Èkó
• Total 212,700
Time zone UTC+1 (WAT)
postal code 101001

What is Ikeja Lagos zip code?

Ikeja/Zip codes

What is Agege zip code?

Agege Postal / Zip Code – Lagos City

Location Postcode
ACME Rd. St. 100283
Church St. St. 100283
Fagba St. St. 100283
Ogba Rd. St. 100283

What is Lagos area code?

Lagos/Area codes

Is Lagos a city or state?

Lagos, city and chief port, Lagos state, Nigeria. Until 1975 it was the capital of Lagos state, and until December 1991 it was the federal capital of Nigeria.

Is Lagos a city?

Lagos is a busy port city built on a series of islands and surrounding land on the West Coast of Africa. It one of the fastest growing cities in the world, with a population of 21 million including its surrounding conurbation. Abuja became Nigeria’s capital in 1991, Lagos remains the economic heart of the country.

Is 23401 The zip code for Nigeria?

Correct Postal or Zip Code Format in Nigeria You can make use of 110001, 23401 or 00176. Below are the list of Nigeria Postal codes for States in Nigeria. Please note that Zip code for Nigeria is 23401, just in case you are being asked to fill any form and you are required to put in Nigeria’s zip code.

What is Nigeria postcode?

Postal codes in Nigeria are numeric, consisting of six digits. The main postal head office in each region will have a postal code ending in 0001, so Garki Main HO in Abuja has the postal code 900001, Ikeja HO in Lagos has 100001, Lokoja in Kogi has 270001 and Port Harcourt has 500001.

What is the code for Nigeria?

Nigeria/Dialing codes

How do I write a Nigerian phone number?

Nigeria’s telephone numbers are made up of between 9 to 12 numbers split into groups of 3. So if you’re going to make a call to Nigeria using a mobile phone, you should dial country code+area code+5-7-digit number. Some of the common area codes in Nigeria include Lagos (1), Abuja (9) and Kano (64).

What is the postal code of Lagos?

Lagos Postal Code / Zip Code is 100001, Ikeja Postal Code head office There you have it, Lagos Postal Code / Zip Code. To check Lagos postal code, by each area. Lagos State Town Area Postal Codes

What is Lagos Nigeria ZIP code?

The postal code for the Lagos, Nigeria mainland area is 100001. The postal code for the island of Lagos in Nigeria is 101001.

What is the ZIP code of Idimu in Lagos?

Idimu St St., Area: Egbeda, Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria. – Zip Code: 100276 View all the streets in Area: Egbeda View List of towns and villages of Lagos View all the Local Government Areas of Lagos State

What is the ZIP code for Maryland in Lagos PLS?

Maryland Streets zip codes can also be referred to as Maryland Streets zipcode or Maryland Streets postcode. See the complete list of all Maryland Streets zip codes in Lagos state Nigeria below: Area: Maryland, Lagos, Lagos State. Associated Zip Code: 100211