What is literary by Mario Klarer?

In this volume, Mario Klarer provides the essential beginner’s guide to English literary studies. Offering a concise, easy-to-understand discussion of central issues in the study of literary texts, looking at: definitions of key terms such as ‘literature’ and ‘text’ major genres, such as fiction, poetry, drama and film.

What is introduction to literary study?

EN11001 Introduction to Literary Study introduces students to University-level work in Literary Studies through close examination of the three main literary genres: drama, poetry and the novel. Through close study of relevant examples, the module provides students with fundamental tools for the study of literary texts.

What is interesting about literary studies?

Literary Studies is the study of written works of the imagination, of which poetry, drama and narrative fiction constitute today the most familiar types or genres. Because literary studies engages with countless other disciplines, it is among the most interdisciplinary of any field of study.

What is literary text?

In literary theory, a text is any object that can be “read”, whether this object is a work of literature, a street sign, an arrangement of buildings on a city block, or styles of clothing. Since the history of writing predates the concept of the “text”, most texts were not written with this concept in mind.

What are the schools of literary criticism?

Schools of Literary Criticism

  • Critical Disability Studies.
  • Feminist Criticism.
  • LGBTQ + Criticism.
  • Marxist Criticism.
  • New Historicist Criticism.
  • Post-Colonial Criticism.
  • Post-Structuralist, Deconstructive Criticism.
  • Psychological Criticism.

What are the major genres in textual studies?

Among the various attempts to classify literature into genres, the triad epic, drama, and poetry has proved to be the most common in modern literary criticism.

What is the primary structure of non literary texts?

Structure in non-literary texts is most often chronological, meaning that the sequence of events within the text unfold as they occur. This chronology typically leads to a method of cause and effect writing, where it’s easy to see how one event transitions to another and how those actions create outcomes.

What is the main function of literary theory?

Literary theory helps readers gain a deeper understanding while reading literature by drawing on a critical theory to gain further insight into literary texts.

What are literary examples?

Examples of literary works: fiction. nonfiction. manuscripts. poetry.

What are the 3 forms of literature?

These sub-genres stem from the three primary forms of literature: Poetry, Drama, and Prose.