What is meant by trunk port?

A trunk port is a type of connection on a switch that is used to connect a guest virtual machine that is VLAN aware. Generally, all frames that flow through this port are VLAN tagged.

What is a trunk in networking?

What does trunk mean in networking? A trunk is a single channel of communication that allows multiple entities at one end to correspond with the correct entity at the other end. It is a “link” that carries many signals at the same time, creating more efficient network access between two nodes.

When would you use a trunk port?

Trunk port is used to connect between switches and access port is used to connect to computers lap top printers etc, you cannnot extend the data from one switch to other switch access ports through trunk port. it can only extended through access port of switch.

What is VLAN trunking in networking?

VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP) is a Cisco proprietary protocol that propagates the definition of Virtual Local Area Networks (VLAN) on the whole local area network. To do this, VTP carries VLAN information to all the switches in a VTP domain. VTP advertisements can be sent over 802.1Q, and ISL trunks.

What is VLAN how it works?

A VLAN is a set of end stations and the switch ports that connect them. Like a bridge, a VLAN switch forwards traffic based on the Layer 2 header, which is fast. Like a router, it partitions the network into logical segments, which provides better administration, security, and management of multicast traffic.

Does native VLAN need IP address?

Routers use subinterfaces as the means to have an interface connected to a VLAN. The router needs to have an IP address/mask associated with each VLAN on the trunk.

What is a trunk port?

What does Trunk Port mean? A trunk port is a specific type of port on a network switch that allows data to flow across a network node for multiple virtual local area networks or VLANs. Think of the trunk port as a “bundle” of individual branches or capillaries in a telecom network connection.

What is a Cisco trunk port?

The term trunk port means different things to diffrent vendors. For example, in Cisco it is a port that uses multiple VLANs normally used to connect two switches together so all vlans traverse the network. It can be used for other devices like ip phones that need more than 1 vlan.

What is the difference between access and trunk?

As for the difference between Trunks and Access ports, a trunk does add dot1q or ISL tags directly to frames and can exist on all or multiple vlans. While an access port only passes traffic from a set vlan but does not modify the frame with a vlan tag.