What is Serenata medication used for?

It is used in the treatment of neurological diseases such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) in children and adolescents between 6 to 17 years of age. SERENATA 50MG TABLET is a selective, serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI).

Is sertraline used for anxiety?

Sertraline is used to treat depression, panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, social anxiety disorder (social phobia), and a severe form of premenstrual syndrome (premenstrual dysphoric disorder).

Is Fluox the same as fluoxetine?

Arrow-Fluoxetine and Fluox are both generic brands of fluoxetine. Fluoxetine is used to treat depression and related anxiety, as well as some other mental health conditions.

What is Zolodin?

Antidepressants. N06AB06 – sertraline ; Belongs to the class of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. Used in the management of depression.

What happens if you take sertraline and you don’t need it?

Missing doses of sertraline may increase your risk for relapse in your symptoms. Stopping sertraline abruptly may result in one or more of the following withdrawal symptoms: irritability, nausea, feeling dizzy, vomiting, nightmares, headache, and/or paresthesias (prickling, tingling sensation on the skin).

Will sertraline calm me down?

What will sertraline do? Sertraline should help you feel calm and relaxed. It could take some time for sertraline to have its full effect. This effect should reduce your behaviour problem.

Can you eat bananas with sertraline?

Tyramine-Rich Food Products:Interaction between sertraline and tyramine-rich foods like cheese, milk, beef, chicken liver, meat extract, avocados, bananas, canned figs, soy beans and excess chocolate can result in a sudden and dangerous increase in blood pressure.

What is the most common side effect of sertraline?

Commonly reported side effects of sertraline include: diarrhea, dizziness, drowsiness, dyspepsia, fatigue, insomnia, loose stools, nausea, tremor, headache, paresthesia, anorexia, decreased libido, delayed ejaculation, diaphoresis, ejaculation failure, and xerostomia.

What medication can you not take with fluoxetine?

What Other Medications May Interact With Fluoxetine? Fluoxetine should not be taken with or within 6 weeks of taking monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs). These include phenelzine (Nardil®), tranylcypromine (Parnate®), isocarboxazid (Marplan®), rasagiline (Azilect®), and selegiline (Emsam®).

What are the long term effects of taking sertraline?

Are There Any Risks For Taking Sertraline For Long Periods Of Time? To date, there are no known problems associated with long term use of sertraline. It is a safe and effective medication when used as directed.

What are the side effects of Serenata tablets?

Serenata Tablet side effects. Common. Low sexual desire. Delayed ejaculation. Insomnia (difficulty in sleeping) Vomiting. Orthostatic hypotension (sudden lowering of blood pressure on standing) Nausea.

What is the mechanism of action of Serenata?

View Serenata description for details of the chemical structure and excipients (inactive components). View Serenata mechanism of action for pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics details. N06AB06 – sertraline ; Belongs to the class of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. Used in the management of depression.

How does the Serenata 50 tablet work for depression?

Serenata 50 Tablet is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) antidepressant. It works by increasing the levels of serotonin, a chemical messenger in the brain. This improves mood and physical symptoms in depression and relieves symptoms of panic and obsessive disorders. Serenata Tablet related warnings.

How many tablets are there of Serenata 50?

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