What is the best time of year to go to San Miguel de Allende?

The best time to visit San Miguel de Allende is November through April. Though San Miguel’s climate doesn’t vary too much throughout the year (average high temperatures hover between 73 and 88 degrees Fahrenheit no matter the season), November through April experiences less rainfall than the summer months.

What is the coldest month in San Miguel de Allende?

San Miguel de Allende has dry periods in January, February, March, April, November and December. The warmest month is May with an average maximum temperature of 29°C (84°F). The coldest month is January with an average maximum temperature of 21°C (69°F).

What is the year round weather in San Miguel de Allende?

Climate and Average Weather Year Round in San Miguel de Allende Mexico. In San Miguel de Allende, the wet season is overcast, the dry season is partly cloudy, and it is warm year round. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 41°F to 85°F and is rarely below 36°F or above 91°F.

How much does it cost to live in San Miguel de Allende?

It’s hard to spend more than $40 to $50 per couple for a nice meal with wine and pre-dinner cocktails….Here’s an example of a monthly budget for a couple living in San Miguel de Allende:

Expense U.S. $
Rent (two-bedroom apartment) $800
Electricity $50
Gas & Water $30

How long should you stay in San Miguel de Allende?

San Miguel de Allende is a beautiful city with many tourist attractions and a renowned culinary scene, so it’s best to allocate at least two days to visit it.

Can you flush toilet paper San Miguel de Allende?

your toilet paper (not to mention other unmentionables) down the toilet. When you forget (and you will) let that tell tale wad of floating toilet paper that refuses to be flushed serve as your punishment reminder. sorry!

How do people dress in San Miguel de Allende?

A casual day dress or romper are a must when planning what to wear in San Miguel de Allende. They can be nice enough for a relaxed dinner at one of the area’s renowned restaurants. Tailored shorts can also make a daytime look more sophisticated than the usual denim.

How many days do you need in San Miguel de Allende?

Does San Miguel de Allende have a rainy season?

San Miguel is a year-round destination with over 320 days of sunshine. It is generally dry and dusty in springtime, the hottest month being May when daytime temperatures can rise to 90°F/35°C. Rainy season: June – October.

How many expats live in San Miguel de Allende?

Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site, San Miguel de Allende reportedly has a population of 160,000 with over 10,000 expat residents.

Is it safe to drink the water in San Miguel de Allende?

If You Are Moving to San Miguel de Allende Long-term residents should absolutely be quite careful, and avoid drinking tap water at all, even if it’s boiled, because of the buildup of excessive fluoride and arsenic from regular consumption.

Is San Miguel de Allende worth visiting?

Yes, San Miguel de Allende is absolutely safe for tourists, as the city relies on tourism as its main source of income. In addition to being safe, San Miguel is a very enjoyable city to visit. We were able to just walk around the city and enjoy it in peace. At the markets haggling is not commonplace.