What is the difference between Owen and Mzee?

Owen and Mzee are two very different animals. The hippo Owen is a young mammal who was separated from his mother. He is strong and fast. Mzee is a reptile.

What type of turtle was Mzee?

Mzee, a 130-year-old Aldabran tortoise, became a surrogate parent and inseparable friend to hippo Owen who was washed out to sea off the coast of Kenya, rescued by villagers and taken to a wildlife park where the tortoise lived.

What natural disaster left Owen the hippo stranded?

Owen was rescued when the hippo became stranded after the 2004 tsunami. A group of residents and local fishermen in Malindi, Kenya, worked tirelessly to rescue him.

How old was Mzee when she was introduced to Owen?

As of December 2005, a year after their initial meeting, Owen and Mzee were still together. By March of 2007, conservation workers had removed Mzee from the enclosure and introduced Owen to Cleo, a 13-year-old female hippo who had gone without the companionship of her own species for over ten years.

Where do Owen and Mzee live in Kenya?

Owen and Mzee are a hippopotamus and an Aldabra giant tortoise, respectively, that became the subject of media attention after forming an unusual bond of friendship. They live in Haller Park, Bamburi, Kenya. Owen was separated from his herd as a juvenile following the December 2004 tsunami and was brought to…

What can I use with Owen and Mzee?

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Who is the teacher in Owen and Mzee?

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