What is the easiest medieval weapon to use?

The spear was the most fundamental weapon across almost every culture and people, from East to West, whether they were knights or tribal warriors or samurai, and for good reason. It was the AK47 of medieval times. It was easy & cheap to manufacture, easy to maintain, and simple to use.

What was the best medieval weapon?

1. HALBERD. This two-handed weapon came to prominence during the 14th and 15th centuries. Essentially an axe, a hook, and a spike on top of a pole, it was a fearsome antipersonnel weapon for use against both infantry and cavalry.

What kind of weapons do Lego Minifigures have?

Traps Exotic Shields Metal Shields Wooden Shields Helmets Metal Helmets Other Helmets Hats and Hair WW2 Headgear Modern & Sci-Fi Helmets Armor Metal Armor Other Armor Clothes & Capes WW2 Suspenders Modern & Sci-Fi Armor Other Pieces Heads Wings & Tails Horns Accessories Musical Instruments Rewards Program Exclusives Boardgames T-Shirts

What kind of plastic is Lego Knight made out of?

Our Knight custom LEGO® weapons, helmets, armor, and shields are designed to fit seamlessly with your LEGO® minifigures. All of our custom LEGO® accessories are produced in high quality ABS plastic – the same plastic used by LEGO®.

What kind of weapons are used in Knight Wars?

Historical Guns WW2 Handguns & SMGs WW2 Rifles WW2 Machine Guns WW2 Explosives WW2 Accessories Modern Guns Sci-Fi Guns Weapons Swords Axes Clubs & Hammers Daggers

Who are the minifigures in Lego brick Wars?

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