What is the effective range of a 257 Weatherby Magnum?

Using 100 grain bullets, the . 257 delivers high shock and broad wounding on medium game weighing up to 80kg (180lb) out to ranges of 375 yards and in some cases, further. With 120 grain bullets, the .

Is 257 Weatherby a good round?

257 Weatherby Magnum will never be one of the country’s top 10 best-selling hunting cartridges, nor should it be. It is a specialty cartridge designed for long-range shooting at small- and medium-sized big game. For that task, it is an excellent choice.

What is the most popular Weatherby cartridge?

300 Weatherby Magnum
300 Weatherby Magnum is a . 30 caliber rifle cartridge created by Roy Weatherby in 1944 and produced by Weatherby. It has become the most popular of all the Weatherby cartridges.

How far can a 30 378 Weatherby shoot?

30-378 Weatherby Magnum is one of the most accurate rifle cartridges. The cartridge held the world record for accuracy at 1,000 yards (910 m) for over thirty years.

What can you hunt with a 257 Weatherby Mag?

Photo: Long, sleek bullets are pushed to top velocities by the . 257 Weatherby Magnum, making it effective for everything from varmints to moose. It’s often said but seldom appreciated that quarter bores are America’s finest deer cartridges.

How bad does a 257 Weatherby kick?

257 Weatherby Magnum has recoil energy of 15.73 foot-pounds when a 100-grain projectile moving at 3,580 feet per second is fired through an eight-pound rifle. The Weatherby Vanguard with scope attached weighs about 8-3/4 pounds, so the math is pretty close. Felt recoil is less than most .

What action is 257 Weatherby Magnum?

257 Weatherby Magnum is one of the flattest shooting commercial cartridges. It is capable of firing a 115 gr (7.5 g) Nosler Ballistic Tip bullet at 3,400 ft/s (1,036 m/s) generating 2,952 ft⋅lbf (4,002 J) of energy which is comparable to factory loadings of the . 30-06 Springfield and the .

When was the weatherby.257 Magnum Magnum made?

The .257 Weatherby Magnum By Chuck Hawks The .257 Magnum is one of the early Weatherby calibers, designed in 1944. It is one of the most popular Weatherby calibers, combining very high velocity, flat trajectory, and tolerable recoil. It is reputed to have been Roy Weatherby’s favorite cartridge. Weatherby offers several factory loads for…

What are the loadings for the weatherby.257?

Weatherby currently list five loadings for the .257 featuring Hornady, Nosler and Barnes projectiles. The light 87grain Hornady SP at 3825fps is intended strictly for varmints while the 100 grain Interlock at 3602fps and 117 grain RNSP Interlock at 3305 are both intended for use on lighter medium game.

Which is the best Weatherby Magnum to buy?

Highly recommend the Weatherby Backcountry chambered in the .257 Weatherby Magnum. The only downside is the cost of the ammunition. Great gun, great caliber!!!

Which is the best hornady.257 Weatherby for hunting?

Generally speaking, the Hornady offerings are somewhat too soft for the .257 Weatherby and prone to suffer bullet blow up at close ranges but not in a spectacular killing fashion. Weatherby’s Nosler loadings feature the 110 grain Accubond at 3460fps, the 115 grain Ballistic Tip at 3400fps and the 120 grain Partition at 3305fps.