What is the highest paying fire department?

Best-Paying States for Firefighters The states and districts that pay Firefighters the highest mean salary are California ($84,370), New Jersey ($80,890), Washington ($76,970), New York ($75,160), and Nevada ($69,310).

How do I become a firefighter in Montana?

How to Become A Great Falls, MT Firefighter:

  1. High School Diploma (or GED)
  2. Valid Montana drivers license.
  3. 18 years or older.
  4. EMT-Basic certification.
  5. Vision corrected to 20/30.
  6. Pass pre-employment medical exam and psych test (post offer of employment)
  7. No tobacco use while on the job (condition of employment)

Is 42 too old to become a firefighter?

You can become a professional firefighter after 30, 40, or even 50 at some fire departments. There are departments that have upper age limits between 28 and 40, while others have no upper age requirements for firefighters. There are usually no upper age limits to be a volunteer firefighter.

What are the best fire departments to work for?

Best Cities for Firefighters

  1. Amarillo, TX. Amarillo, Texas, was the best city for firefighters in our study.
  2. Pueblo, CO. Pueblo, Colorado, is a midsized city situated on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains.
  3. Leominster, MA. Leominster, Massachusetts, is a small city located in Worcester County.
  4. Waco, TX.
  5. Yakima, WA.

How old do you have to be to be a firefighter in Montana?

18 years of age
Requirements: High School or General Equivalency Diploma. Valid Montana Driver’s License. Minimum 18 years of age.

What is the average age of firefighters?

Age: The average age is 44 years (compared to the average of 40 years)….Number of Workers.

Year Number of Workers
2017 17900
2018 14700
2019 13700
2020 17600

Are firefighters in high demand?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for firefighters is expected to increase by 7% by 2026. Granted, the majority of firefighter positions are either part-time or volunteer but there is still a high demand for experienced firefighters in cities across the United States.

Who are the fire departments in Missoula Montana?

The Missoula Fire Department is a member of the Montana Firefighter Testing Consortium along with other Montana state fire departments including Belgrade, Big Sky, Billings, Bozeman, Butte, Great Falls, Havre, Helena, Miles City, Lockwood Fire District, Kalispell, Frenchtown Rural Fire, and the Missoula Rural Fire District.

How to become a Great Falls Montana firefighter?

The City of Great Falls Fire Rescue uses the MONTANA FIREFIGHTER TESTING CONSORTIUM exclusively for entry level Firefighter positions. Please follow the link below for detailed testing information and videos of the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT).

Can you become a wildland firefighter in Montana?

Wildland Firefighter Training in Montana. One of the biggest threats to the state of Montana is the risk of wildfires. This risk is increasing with more incidents reported over recent years. Therefore, Montana must have plenty of personnel that can handle these massive fires.

How to become a firefighter in Billings Montana?

Those that wish to take on a role as a firefighter in Billings will be able to enroll in the Fire Science program at Montana State University. This is a great local program that offers knowledge in a wide range of firefighting disciplines.