What is the music in the Barclaycard advert?

The music in the Barclays “Master your Moneyverse” advert The music in the 2021 Barclays advert is taken from the 1976 reggae song ‘Chase the Devil’ by Jamaican reggae artist Max Romeo. However, the song was famously sampled by English electronic dance band The Prodigy in 1992 for their track titled “Out of Space”.

Who sings the song on the barclays advert?

Singer/Band: Max Romeo & The Upsetters. Album: War Ina Babylon. Download or Preview at: Amazon UK.

What advert is Let Your Love Flow?

Let Your Love Flow went back into the charts in 2008 when it was used in a Barclaycard advert.

Who is in the new Barclays advert?

Barclays has cast another top actor to front the latest TV commercial in its ‘big’ campaign through Leagas Delaney. Timothy Spall, the star of Secrets and Lies, joins fellow actors Nick Moran, Tim Roth, Sir Anthony Hopkins and Robbie Coltrane as the latest star of the fifth commercial in the series.

What is the Lloyds advert song?

What’s the music in this Lloyds advert? Song Title: We’ve Only Just Begun (cover). Original Artist: The Carpenters.

What are Barclaycard sidekicks?

Whether you’re looking to get on the property ladder or simply applying for a loan, your credit score matters. The Barclaycard Sidekicks are here to help you Get Credit Confident. Discover how to sort the fact from the fiction and keep your score moving in the right direction.

What’s the song on the Lloyds advert?

The music playing in this Lloyds Bank advert is a new cover of the song ‘We’ve Only Just Begun’ that was originally released in 1970 by Californian vocal duo, The Carpenters.

Who covered Let Your Love Flow?


Title Performer Release date
Let Your Love Flow Bellamy Brothers December 1975
Let Your Love Flow Top of the Pops May 1976
Let Your Love Flow Loretta Lynn & Conway Twitty June 7, 1976
Let Your Love Flow Del Reeves and Billie Jo Spears August 1976

Who recorded Let Your Love Flow?

the Bellamy Brothers
“Let Your Love Flow” is a pop song written by Larry E. Williams which was recorded in the autumn of 1975 by country music duo the Bellamy Brothers for whom it afforded an international hit in 1976.

Who is the woman in the Barclaycard advert?

Laya Lewis was born in South London, St George’s Hospital but grew up in Bristol. Her mother was born in Britain to Jamaican parents who moved to England in the 60’s as part of the wind rush generation.

Who is the black guy in the Barclaycard advert?

Justin Sysum stars in new Barclaycard TV ad.

Who sings the Lloyds advert 2020?

What is the song in the Lloyds Bank advert 2020? The song in the Lloyds Bank 2020 advert is “We’ve Only Just Begun” by The Carpenters.