What is the name of the town in Aachen Germany?

Aachen (/ ˈɑːxən / German: [ˈʔaːxn̩] (listen); Aachen dialect: Oche [ˈɔːxə]; French and traditional English: Aix-la-Chapelle, French:

What do Dutch people mean when they say Aachen?

When Dutch people mean Aachen, they say Aken. Our Belgian neighbours call it Aix-la-Chapelle. Aachen is the most western metropolis in Germany and it is directly located in the border region of Belgium and the Netherlands.

When was the first peace treaty signed in Aachen?

Aachen was chosen as the site of several important congresses and peace treaties: the first congress of Aachen (often referred to as the Congress of Aix-la-Chapelle in English) on 2 May 1668, leading to the First Treaty of Aachen in the same year which ended the War of Devolution.

Is it safe to travel to Aachen Germany?

Welcome to Aachen! Visit Aachen soon! Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, private accommodation is prohibited until further notice. After that date there may be further restrictions, especially on tourist accommodation and travel. These may also change at short notice.

Who was the ruler of Aachen in the medieval times?

Aachen developed from a Roman settlement and spa, subsequently becoming the preferred medieval Imperial residence of Charlemagne, and, from 936 to 1531, the place where 31 Holy Roman Emperors were crowned Kings of the Germans.

When was the University of Aachen in Germany established?

RWTH Aachen University, established as Polytechnicum in 1870, is one of Germany’s Universities of Excellence with strong emphasis on technological research, especially for electrical and mechanical engineering, computer sciences, physics, and chemistry.

What kind of language is spoken in Aachen Germany?

Aachen’s industries include science, engineering and information technology. In 2009, Aachen was ranked eighth among cities in Germany for innovation. The regional dialect spoken in the city is a Central Franconian, Ripuarian variant with strong Limburgish influences from the dialects in the neighbouring Netherlands.