What is the Springfield Essentials package?

The Essentials Pack includes a lockable case with cutout foam interior that holds the pistol and the 2 magazines; 2 interchangeable backstraps that allow the shooter to find the perfect fit for rapid pointability; a cable lock; and a bore brush.

What are the different Springfield XD models?


Variant Cartridges Sub-variants
XD 9mm .357 SIG .40 S&W .45 ACP .45 GAP Sub-compact Compact Service Ported Tactical
XD Mod.2 9mm .40 S&W .45 ACP Sub-compact Service Threaded barrel Tactical
XD-M 9mm .40 S&W .45 ACP 10mm (Standard) Compact Competition OSP Threaded Barrel Elite
XD-S 9mm .40 S&W .45 ACP

Is the xd9 a good gun?

The 9mm XD Service pistol is an excellent example of a modern combat handgun. It is well built with excellent accuracy and an easy-to-learn trigger. The sights are clear and fast to use in all lighting conditions. When you hold and shoot this gun, you quickly realize why so many people are happy owners of it.

What is the best Springfield 9mm?

The Best Springfield Handguns For Carry

  • Springfield Range Officer Champion 1911.
  • XD(S) 3.3-Inch.
  • Springfield EMP.
  • Springfield EMP Lightweight Champion.
  • Range Officer Compact Model.
  • XD Mod.
  • Range Officer Operator Lightweight.
  • Springfield Handguns Have A Lot To Offer For Concealed Carry.

What comes with Springfield XD-S 9mm?

Here’s the nice polymer case and components the XD-S comes with. It includes a paddle holster, 2-magazine carrier, 3 magazines, backstrap option w/mag extensions, lock, and extra fiber optic material in two colors.

What does the S mean in XD-S?

One, the S in the model name stands for single stack, a change to the magazine design that permits a slimmer grip. For instance, the XD-S has a grip width of 0.945 inch, compared to an XD(m) grip width of 1.185 inches.

Are Springfield handguns reliable?

The Springfield Armory XD(M) Competition Series is a seriously great set of guns. It’s highly accurate, extremely reliable, and its streamlined design allows for a balanced, lightweight hold. Whether you are looking for a home defense weapon or need a new competition piece, definitely try out the XD(M).

What did Springfield Armory do wrong?

Springfield Armory is no stranger to controversy. In 2017, the company earned considerable ire from the gun-owning community for first opposing and then retracting its opposition to the proposed Illinois Gun Dealer Licensing Act (SB1657). Illinois gun dealers already require federal-level licensure.

Is the Defend Your Legacy XD 4 service model 9mm?

The Defend Your Legacy Series XD® 4″ Service Model 9mm offers superlative XD attributes like an excellent grip-to-frame angle and both striker status and loaded chamber indicators along with a single 16-round magazine and lower price.

What makes the Springfield XD defender a safe gun?

The Ultra Safety Assurance Action Trigger System combines with the extraordinary SA grip safety to make the XD a safe and smooth striker-fired defensive pistol. A full-length guide rod ensures reliable slide cycling.

Which is the best XD series of pistols?

XD® Series Handguns America’s most trusted striker-fired solution, the XD family of pistols covers everything from concealed carry to tactical to competitive shooting. From the XD to the XD-M to the XD-M Elite to the XD-E and the XD-S, there is an XD that’s just right for your needs.

What’s the price of a Springfield Armory XD M?

The XD-M is the perfect pistol for those looking for large caliber performance in a full size platform. 10MM.45ACP MSRP $652 – $779