What is the story of Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City?

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is a third-person shooter survival horror video game for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, co-developed by Slant Six Games and Capcom. The game follows a group of elite paramilitary mercenaries for the Umbrella Corporation during the zombie outbreak in Raccoon City.

Who do you play as in Operation Raccoon City?

Heroes mode includes several classic characters separated into two teams: Spec Ops: Leon S. Kennedy, Claire Redfield, Carlos Oliveira and Jill Valentine.

Is Resident Evil Operation Racoon City Canon?

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is canon, if you want it to be – Rely on Horror.

What comes with Raccoon City Edition?

Two classic survival horror games reimagined and brought together in one unbelievable package. This bundle comes with Resident Evil 3, 2019’s award-winning Resident Evil 2, and the online multiplayer game Resident Evil Resistance.

Who is hunk re2?

“HUNK” (ハンク, Hanku?) is the code-name of an Umbrella Security Service operator, who was the leader of the ill-fated Alpha Team in the employment of Umbrella. Cold, silent, and devoid of emotion, he is ruthless. He and the U.B.C.S. Sergeant, Nikolai Zinoviev, were considered to be “rivals”.

Where is Raccoon City in real life?

The skyline of Raccoon City seen in both the main menu and title sequence of Resident Evil 2 is modelled after the real world city of Montréal, Québec.

How did Leon escape Raccoon City?

Leon, Claire and Sherry narrowly escaped Raccoon on the dawn of September 30th, fleeing aboard a train from the underground Umbrella complex. They would eventually re-encounter Leon down in the Umbrella lab complex beneath the city and join him in escaping aboard the lab’s express train.

Is Raccoon City a real place?

Raccoon City is an industrial city with a population of roughly 100,000 people, located in the USA’s midwest. The northern part of the city is bounded by the sprawling Raccoon Forest and the Arklay Mountains beyond.

Does Resident Evil Raccoon City Edition come with all DLC?

Raccoon city doesn’t include dlc but dlc is mainly cosmetic stuff, swap out music for the older soundtrack etc. There’s a couple of guns in resi 2 deluxe but you don’t need them to enjoy the game. The deluxe is for super fans, if you don’t own it now then you only need regular.

Is Chris Redfield HUNK?

The fan theory was that “Chris Redfield” was in fact, Hunk, the masked Umbrella mercenary that made his first appearance in Resident Evil 2. Hunk face has never been seen and some believed the Umbrella connection was Hunk using Chris’ name as a swerve to throw players off. Chris in RE6 and RE Vendetta.