What kind of body does a Fender Stratocaster have?

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What kind of body does a Stratocaster sunburst have?

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What kind of guitar body does a Buddy Guy have?

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What’s the best way to build a Stratocaster body?

A hand planer with a good straight edge and a straight angle rule can also do the job. Before clamping, apply a generous amount of glue to both sides. There is no need to overdo it though. A thin layer on each side will be enough, but you want to cover all the area and have enough so some will squeeze out when tightening.

How big is a 60’s Stratocaster body size?

The run of the mill 60’s Strat body is 461mm/ 18.1” Long and 323mm/ 12.7” wide. They are also 44.5mm/ 1.75” thick.

Can a table router rout a Stratocaster body?

This is where a router with a flush trim bit will simply remove that little bit you left around the line and leave you with a nice smooth edge in the exact dimensions of a Strat. You can rout this on a table router, or a hand-held router. You can also do it with one long blade, or with a shorter one with two or three passes.

Where can I get a Stratocaster guitar template?

Download all Stratocaster resources here (zip, 3.19mb). These plans are 1:1 scale (suitable for templates) and include measurements and multiple angles. Featured: Measurements, pickups, bridge, neck heel pocket, electronics cavities, cross-sections.