What level do you get virulent plague?


Virulent Plague
Level learned 55
Improvements [Ebon Fever], [Epidemic], [Unholy Mutation]
Related debuff
Disease Virulent Plague Suffering (70% of attack power) Shadow damage every 3 sec. Chance to erupt for (100% of attack power) damage split among all nearby enemies. Always erupts if the infected dies. Duration: 21 seconds

Where is the reagent vendor in Avalon?

Fianna Yellowknife is the Reagent Vendor in Avalon. She is located in the central area of High Road. Her shop is called “Reagents Vendor.”

Can you abandon quests in wizard101?

You cannot abandon a quest you have accepted. You must complete the tasks you are given in order to remove them from your Quest Journal.

What is the max level in wizard101 2020?

As of September 2021, players can achieve a maximum level of 140.

Does blood plague heal wow?

A disease dealing Shadow damage over 12 sec. Has a 50% chance to remove one heal over time effect whenever it does damage.

Where do you get virulent plague in wizard101?

you have to go to baldur goldpaws in olde town then you get sent to erik. 2. if thats the higher level spell (i forgot lol) then you need to get to sudrilund in wintertusk before you get the quest.

What are reagents for in Wizard 101?

Reagents are things like Mist Wood, Cat Tail and Lava Lily. They are used as ingredients in crafting recipes.

How do you AFK in Wizard101?

A + right shift. It usually works all the time. If you’re doing Arrow + right shift, then yeah, it won’t work.

What is the best Wizard101 School?

Here are the 7 Wizard101 schools of magic:

  1. Fire School. The fire school students are often regarded as one of the strongest wizard101 schools and are known as Pyromancers.
  2. Ice School.
  3. Storm School.
  4. Myth School.
  5. Balance School.
  6. Life School.
  7. Death School.

What is blood plague state of decay 2?

Blood plague is a disease that can be contracted in State of Decay 2, caught by being exposed to blood plague too much. Once a survivor gets blood plague, they will move and melee significantly slower, raising the risk of being incapacitated or dying.

How do you use Blood Tap Blood DK?

Consume the essence around you to generate 1 Rune. Recharge time reduced by 2 sec whenever a Bone Shield charge is consumed. Consume the essence around you to generate 1 Rune.

How much damage does a bad juju do?

Bad Juju will take 25% of your max health each cast. Example: If you have 4000 health, each cast of bad juju will deal 1000 damage. Bad juju’s self-hit is unaffected by your damage boost or resist. It will always deal 25% of your max health every time. Bad Juju doesn’t trigger any hanging effects.

What happens when you heal a jade Juju Wizard?

The first most likely impact is the destruction of the feared Jade/Juju stall strategy. At 25% max health each cast, a mere 2 casts will lower a Jade/Juju wizard to half health- necessitating a heal lest they stay within kill range for too long.

Can you use Bad Juju in PvP?

In PvE, Bad Juju remains unchanged but in PvP the new effects take hold. This is a revolutionary change for Wizard 101 and if applied to other spells consistently, has the potential to stop the inevitable PvE vs PvP debates that ensue after every nerf or buff.

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