What National Day is today January 12th?

Join millions of people across the nation on January 12th as they participate in the annual National Marzipan Day. Delve into a sweet confection on National Marzipan Day. On January 12th, the celebration kicks off with creatively formed confections that delight the eyes and mouth!

Is January 12 kiss a ginger day?

Red hair has always been unique and striking to all of us. While many redheads are unfortunately subject to jokes and mockery, we all love their fiery tresses. January 12 is Kiss A Ginger Day and it’s the perfect opportunity to show them our love….Kiss a Ginger Day dates.

Year Date Day
2025 January 12 Sunday

What does kiss a ginger mean?

January 12 is the Kiss a Ginger Day which is an unofficial holiday celebrated in different parts of the world. The aim of this holiday is to show how important gingers are in the lives of people by showing them that they are cared for and of course, by kissing them on the cheeks or lips.

What is national Ginger Day?

November 5 is National Redhead Day, and it’s every redhead’s chance to shine with each gorgeous strand of their hair. Redheads are often treated like the odd man (or woman) out, as they possess the rarest of hair colors.

What are the special days in January?

Shikha Goyal

  • 1 January – Global Family Day.
  • 6 January – World Day of War Orphans.
  • 8 January – African National Congress Foundation Day.
  • 9 January – NRI (Non-Resident Indian) Day or Pravasi Bharatiya Divas.
  • 11 January – Death anniversary of Lal Bahadur Shastri.
  • 12 January – National Youth Day.
  • 15 January – Indian Army Day.

What is celebrated January 12th?

January Holidays

Holiday Category Tags
National Milk Day Food & Beverage Beverage, Healthy Food
Paget’s Awareness Day Health Awareness, Diseases
Jan 12 Wednesday
Kiss a Ginger Day Special Interest Activities, Friendship, Love

What day is World Redhead Day?

May 26 is World Redhead Day. If you’re sporting natural red hair, you’re part of a unique group. Only 2% (or about 140 million people) of the world’s population has natural red hair.

What day is slap a Ginger Day?

Since then it got replaced by hug-a-ginger day. In 2021 Hug a ginger day falls on 20th of October 2021.

What is January famous for?

The first day of the month is known as New Year’s Day. It is, on average, the coldest month of the year within most of the Northern Hemisphere (where it is the second month of winter) and the warmest month of the year within most of the Southern Hemisphere (where it is the second month of summer).

What month is January known for?

January was named for the Roman god Janus, known as the protector of gates and doorways who symbolize beginnings and endings. Janus is depicted with two faces, one looking into the past, the other with the ability to see into the future.