What plane is a MD 88?

The McDonnell Douglas MD-88, the final variant of the MD-80 twin-engine single-aisle jet , is the oldest plane in service with any major U.S. airline. Introduced in 1988, pilots call the jet “Mad…

What is the Delta Comfort seating class?

Comfort+ is Delta’s version of a “premium economy” class: a type of upgraded seating that falls somewhere in between basic Coach and Business Class. It’s becoming more and more popular among major airlines, with American Airlines, United, and Virgin all offering their own versions.

What size are Delta Comfort seats?

Delta’s Economy class offers 31 to 32 inches of legroom and seats that are 17.2 inches wide. Delta Comfort+: Delta’s Comfort+ class offers the same seat width, but 34 inches of legroom.

What is Delta Comfort on international flights?

Travelers in Delta Comfort+ — which is similar to, but slightly beneath the airline’s new Premium Economy offering — will enjoy additional legroom (up to 3 inches on domestic flights and 4 inches on international flights), dedicated overhead bin space (so you don’t have to rush onto the plane to stow your carry-on), and priority boarding.