What size hoop goes in tragus?

💫 As for sizing, a 6mm or 8mm hoop or flat back earring is standard for your tragus piercing.

Is a hoop better for a tragus?

Hoops are excellent for cute tragus jewelry and cling snugly to the cartilage of your ear. The natural curves of your tragus perfectly suit the hoop style. A simple, basic hoop is most people’s go-to style for tragus piercing, but you can jazz it up with gemstones, crystals and more elaborate designs.

What is the thinnest tragus bar?

Tragus 20g (0.8 mm) Thickness Gauge Body Piercing Jewellery.

What is the best earring for a tragus piercing?


Product Details
1. Jstyle 12 pairs 20G Stainless Steel Tragus Barbell EDITOR’S CHOICE
2. LOYALLOOK 8-Pair Stainless Steel Tragus Piercing BEST LIGHTWEIGHT
3. RIOSO 5 Pairs Earring For Tragus Piercing BEST BUDGET
4. Subicieto 20 Pieces Stainless Steel Earring Set BEST SELECTIONS

What size is best for tragus?

As for tragus piercing, 1,2mm(16G) is the standard and most common gauge size. It’s also the size that is generally used as first piercing jewel during healing. Less common, it is possible to wear piercing jewels with a 1,6mm(14G) gauge at your tragus.

What piercing helps with weight loss?

Proponents of ear stapling claim that the staples stimulate a pressure point that controls appetite, leading to weight loss. Small surgical staples are placed into the inner cartilage of each ear. The staples can be left in place for several weeks or even months.

Does a tragus piercing help with weight loss?

Tragus piercings don’t cause weight loss.

Is my tragus too small to pierce?

Generally, as long as your tragus is large enough you can get this piercing. The common logic is: if it’s big enough to grab, it’s big enough to pierce. A professional will look at the size and shape of your tragus to make sure the piercing is safe. It’s uncommon for a tragus to be too small, but it does happen.

What hurts more daith or tragus?

The daith is located right at the innermost part of your cartilage, near the tragus. This area is thicker compared to the rest of the ear, so expect a higher level of pain with this piercing.