What to do if Samsung AC remote is not working?

When the remote control is not working.

  1. Check the Remote batteries. Remove the batteries from the remote control and insert them after 30 seconds.
  2. Check Remote control using Mobile camera .
  3. Check if there is any obstacle between remote control and AC.
  4. Check if there is any bright lights nearby.

What is good sleep in Samsung AC?

The good’sleep mode is a special feature for the most comfortable sleep by automatically adjusting the temperature and humidity. This feature maintains optimal body temperature for maximum rest. In addition, it is able to reduce the energy consumption by 36% compared to the conventional cooling mode.

What is Auto Mode in Samsung AC?

When you set the air conditioner in AUTO mode, It will automatically set the temperature and fan speed depending on the room temperature detected by the room temperature sensor.

Should AC be on auto or fan?

Keeping your fan on AUTO is the most energy-efficient option. The fan only runs when the system is on and not continuously. There is better dehumidification in your home during the summer months. When your fan is set to AUTO, moisture from cold cooling coils can drip and be drained outside.

Should you sleep with AC on?

In short, scientists and experts seem to agree that leaving your AC on during the night is pretty safe. What’s more, some actually recommend it since the optimal temperature for sleeping seems to be on the cooler end of the spectrum.

How does the Samsung air conditioner remote control work?

Step 1. Press the Power button to turn the air conditioner on and press the Timer button to select the On function. Step 2. Press the select button to set the desired time and then press the SET button. Step 3. Press the Power button to turn on the air conditioner on and press the Timer button to select the Off function

How do you set an air conditioner remote?

Start with the appliance turned off; press the “On/Off” button on the remote, if necessary. Set the number of hours until you want the air conditioner to turn on; press the “Timer” button until the desired number is displayed on the appliance control panel.

How long does it take to replace Samsung air conditioner remote?

Generic Replacement Air Conditioner Remote Control for Samsung Arh-1362 Arh-1331 Arh-1334 Arh-1366 Arh-1388 Arh-1328 Arh-1311 Arh-1381 Arh-1351 Arc-1395 Arc-1351 Arc-1363 Arc-1325 Arc-1358 Arc-1362 Arc-1388 Arc . Usually ships within 6 to 10 days.

What can I do with my Samsung air conditioner?

Samsung Air Conditioners allows you to use power smart features to help you stay comfortable at any time during the day or night. Choose from options like AI Auto, Heat Mode, Cool Mode and many more. All you need to do is set it and relax. Below is a description of what each mode does and how to set it.