What was Anton Bruckner most famous works?

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1 Symphony No.7 In E Major – Ed. Haas: 1. Allegro moderato 19:40
3 Symphony No.7 In E Major – Ed. Haas: 3. Scherzo. Sehr schnell – Trio. Etwas langsamer 10:11
4 Symphony No.7 In E Major – Ed. Haas: 4. Finale. Bewegt, doch nicht schnell 13:00

Is Bruckner a good composer?

Hans von Bülow described him as “half genius, half simpleton”. Bruckner was critical of his own work and often reworked his compositions. There are several versions of many of his works. On the other hand, Bruckner was greatly admired by subsequent composers, including his friend Gustav Mahler.

Did Bruckner marry?

Bruckner died in Vienna, and his Ninth Symphony premiered in the same city on February 11, 1903. He was never married, though he proposed to a large list of astonished teenage girls. He had a morbid interest in dead bodies, even at one point cradling the head of Beethoven in his hands when Beethoven was exhumed.

What is Bruckner famous for?

Anton Bruckner, in full Josef Anton Bruckner, (born Sept. 4, 1824, Ansfelden, Austria—died Oct. 11, 1896, Vienna), Austrian composer of a number of highly original and monumental symphonies. He was also an organist and teacher who composed much sacred and secular choral music.

What made Bruckner’s reputation?

Bruckner’s reputation rests almost entirely with his symphonies – the symphonies, someone said, that Wagner never wrote.

Where is Bruckner buried?

Stift St. Florian, Sankt Florian, Austria
Anton Bruckner/Place of burial

Who was Bruckner’s main influence?

Anton Bruckner is an exceptional figure. Hugely influenced by the music of Richard Wagner, he idolised the operatic revolutionary to the point of obsession. But he also had deep roots in the church music of Bach, Haydn, Mozart and Palestrina.

Who influenced Bruckner?

The latter introduced him to the music of Richard Wagner, which Bruckner studied extensively beginning in 1863. Wagner’s influence on Bruckner’s music, is especially noteworthy in his religious compositions and his first symphony. Bruckner’s genius did not appear until his late 40s.

What era was Bruckner in?

The composer of some of the 19th century’s greatest, grandest and most ambitious symphonies. Anton Bruckner was all of these things. One thing he wasn’t, however, was a writer of beautiful music offering serene escapism.

Which is the best category for Anton Bruckner?

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Are there any lost works by Anton Bruckner?

Lost works, sketches, etc. were added afterwards. Some other, still unclassified, works were identified as WAB deest. The WAB uses a single range of numbers divided into subranges for genre classification.

What kind of music did Anton Bruckner compose?

He also composed a few other smaller orchestral works (one overture, one march and three ‘small orchestral pieces’), and sketched another symphony. Bruckner also composed a considerable amount of choral music.

What are the WAB numbers for Anton Bruckner?

The WAB numbers, used in the table below, refer to the Werkverzeichnis Anton Bruckner. This is a thematic catalogue of the music of Anton Bruckner compiled by Renate Grasberger. Lost works, sketches, etc. were added afterwards. Some other, still unclassified, works were identified as WAB deest.