When did pepcon explode?

May 4, 1988
Twenty-eight years ago, the Las Vegas Valley experienced one of the largest explosions in history — PEPCON. A fire started inside a building at Pacific Engineering and Production Corporation of Nevada’s (PEPCON) plant on May 4, 1988. In four minutes, the fire rapidly spread and ignited three massive explosions.

Who owned pepcon?

American Pacific Corp.
The Cedar City plant, owned by American Pacific Corp. in Las Vegas — the same company that owned PEPCON, employs about 150 people. Neilsen, who saw the damage near Henderson, said, “This is nothing compared to that.

What is a chemical plant explosion?

If a chemical is released within a hazardous area, it can react with a heat source to cause a serious accident. Sometimes, plant explosions are caused by the use of impure chemicals. Impure chemicals may produce large amounts of gas, which can trigger a dangerous reaction and ensuing explosion.

What happens if a gas plant explodes?

By the creation of gases, the build-up of heat, and the reaction, a chemical plant can become the source of serious and debilitating explosions. These can result in serious plant explosion injuries, such as third-degree burns, and even severe property damage that can affect the local community for years to come.

What happened pepcon?

On May 4, 1988, a fire followed by several explosions occurred at the Pacific Engineering and Production Company of Nevada (PEPCON) chemical plant in Henderson, Nevada. The disaster caused two fatalities, 372 injuries, and an estimated $100 million of damage.

Who died in pepcon explosion?

About 75 people escaped successfully, but two were killed in the last two larger explosions: Roy Westerfield, PEPCON’s controller, who stayed behind to call the CCFD; and Bruce Halker, the plant manager, who stood near his car when the first major detonation occurred.

What are the effects of explosion?

The main direct, primary effect to humans from an explosion is the sudden increase in pressure that occurs as a blast wave passes. It can cause injury to pressure- sensitive human organs, such as ears and lungs.

What caused the Port Neches explosion?

New report from Chemical Safety Board details 6,000 gallon butadiene leak. In 50 seconds, about 6,000 gallons of liquid vapor, mostly butadiene, escaped a processing tower at the TPC plant in Port Neches. The explosion was 2 minutes later.

What causes houses to explode?

Common causes Once the pressure finds a weak spot like windows, the pressure suddenly releases causing the bang of the explosion. The most common cause of gas explosions are natural gas leaks through leaking hoses, defective control valves or gas connectors, or leaking propane tanks that can cause propane explosions.

What was the biggest explosion on Earth?

The largest ever accidental explosion occurred in 1917, when two ships—one carrying TNT and other explosives—collided near Halifax, Nova Scotia. The blast killed about 1,800 people and shattered windows 50 miles away.

Where was the explosion at the PEPCON plant?

The largest of the several explosions at the PEPCON plant. On May 4, 1988, a conflagration followed by several explosions occurred at the Pacific Engineering and Production Company of Nevada (PEPCON) chemical plant in Henderson, Nevada.

Who was killed in the Las Vegas Pepcon explosion?

Las Vegas Review-Journal article about Pat Rose, the most severely injured in the PEPCON explosions on May 4, 1988. Two others were killed. (Review-Journal) Bruce Halker, 56, vice president of operations, was one of two people killed in the 1988 PEPCON explosions.

How many people were injured in the PEPCON disaster?

PEPCON disaster. The disaster caused two fatalities, 372 injured, and an estimated $100 million USD of damage. A large portion of the Las Vegas Valley within a 10-mile (16 km) radius of the plant was affected, and several agencies activated disaster plans.

Where was the PEPCON plant in Las Vegas located?

Black smoke billows from the Pacific Engineering Production Co. of Nevada plant in Henderson on May 4, 1988, after a fire and explosions rocked the Las Vegas Valley. Two were killed, and hundreds were injured. PEPCON manufactured ammonium percholorate. (Las Vegas Review-Journal File Photo) Don’t miss the big stories. Like us on Facebook.