When does The Apprentice Season 9 start in the UK?

Ninth season of UK television series. Series nine of The Apprentice (UK), a British reality television series, was broadcast in the UK during 2013, from 7 May to 17 July on BBC One. It is the first series to be produced by Boundless, following FremantleMedia assigning production to the company from Talkback Thames.

Which is the only series of the apprentice to air on Thursdays?

It is the only series to date to have episodes aired on Thursdays, rather than on Wednesdays as is traditionally arranged for the programme’s broadcast schedule, and the only one to feature a candidate quitting the programme while a task is currently in progress.

Who was the winner of the 12th series of the apprentice?

Eighteen candidates took part in the twelfth series, with Alana Spencer becoming the overall winner. Excluding the specials, the series averaged around 7.12 million viewers during its broadcast.

Who was Matthew Riley replaced with on the apprentice?

Alongside these changes, Matthew Riley left the programme after two series, leading to Sugar replacing him with Claudine Collins for the Interviews stage. In the first task, the woman named their team as Evolve, while the men named their team Endeavour.

Who are the winners of the Apprentice UK?

Of the 16 winners of the UK series of The Apprentice (joint winners were crowned in series 13) eight are still working with Lord Sugar. Notably, they all won the show after a format change which saw Lord Sugar invest £250,000 in a business idea, rather than offering the winner a job in his own company.

Who was the runner up of the apprentice in 2006?

Ruth Badger, nicknamed “The Badger”, was runner-up of the second series in 2006. She was a popular candidate but despite boldly claiming “I’m The Apprentice – end of”, she was fired by Lord Sugar. Where are they now?

Why was the last contestant fired from the apprentice?

However, her contract was terminated in May 2017 due to her comments on Twitter about the Manchester Arena bombing. The same year she was required to pay £24,000 damages to Jack Monroe after falsely alleging she supported vandalism of a war memorial.