When was Maria Brink born and what year was she born?

Brink was born on December 18, 1977, in the state of New York, and her father left the family when she was young. Brink’s mother introduced her to bands and artists such as Black Sabbath, Patti Smith, and the Rolling Stones.

Who are the band members of Maria Brink?

Two weeks later, Howorth apologized and hired Brink as the singer. They formed the band Dying Star with drummer Jeff Fabb. They were later joined by guitarist Blake Bunzel and bassist Josh Newell. Soon after, the band changed their name to In This Moment. Along with her band, she has released seven studio albums.

Where did Maria Brink of in this moment perform?

Singer Maria Brink of In This Moment performs at The Fillmore Charlotte on June 30, 2017 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Maria Brink of In This Moment performs in support of The Witching Hour Tour at The Fillmore on February 7, 2018 in Detroit, Michigan.

What did Maria Brink do for a living?

She had to support herself and her son; she also helped her mother to overcome her drug addiction. Brink is a vegetarian and active with the PETA campaign. She is also an aspiring artist/painter going by the alias of ‘Maria Brink’s Wonderland’. Brink was in a relationship with DevilDriver bassist, Jonathan Miller.

How did Maria Brink cope with her childhood?

Her father sexually abused her and left her at an early age, which left Brink with her mother, who was heavily addicted to drugs. Following her traumatic childhood, she struggled with severe depression and turned to drug usage herself in order to cope with it.

Who are the women that influenced Maria Brink?

Outside of music, Brink has cited Queen Elizabeth I, Mother Teresa, Joan of Arc, and her two mothers as the women that influenced her the most. ^ a b “In This Moment’s Maria Brink: 5 Women Who Inspire Me”.