Where can I find flood risk mapping in Toowoomba?

The flood risk information portal contains flood risk mapping and enables Toowoomba region residents to find their property’s flood risk level and learn about our proposed planning responses to manage flood risk. Accept the disclaimer. Zoom or search (top left) to the location of interest.

Where can I find flood information in Queensland?

DNRME – FloodCheck Queensland Welcome to FloodCheck Queensland The FloodCheck interactive map gives access to a wide range of flood information and data developed as part of the Queensland Flood Mapping Program.

Where did the flood of 2010 take place in Queensland?

View of the swollen Fitzroy River, which surrounds the western half of Rockhampton. The flooding initially forced the evacuation of 1,000 people from Theodore and other towns, described as unprecedented by the acting chief officer of the Emergency Management Queensland.

When did the Bundaberg Port reopen after the floods?

The Bundaberg Port, a major sugar exporting facility, was closed late in December 2010 as flooding deposited silt in the port, forcing its closure. The port re-opened in early March 2011 after successful dredging operations allowed ships to berth. Chinchilla and Jericho were also inundated. At least 40 residents were evacuated from Chinchilla.

What was the average attendance at the ADSA annual meeting?

91.6% of survey respondents that attended the ADSA 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting said that they left the conference with at least one new idea that they intend to use in their work

How many floodplain management members are there in Australia?

Since that time the network has expanded nationally to include over 160 Members from all avenues of flood risk management in Australia and abroad and is the key voice for FRM in the nation. FMA is committed to promoting wise floodplain development and helping reduce the risks of flooding to life and property.

When was the last FMA conference in Australia?

The FMA Conference has been held annually for since 1961 and is the most respected flood risk management event held in Australia. The 2021 Online Conference marks the 60th Anniversary of FMA, and will celebrate the history of the organisation, the Members that make the network possible, and the phenomenal advances in flood risk management.

When was the last flood warning for Toowoomba?

Warning and Forecast Service • The Bureau does not provide a flood warning service for Toowoomba • Severe Weather warnings for heavy rainfall and flash flooding were issued covering the Toowoomba area from 4.40am Sunday 9/1/2010 until 10pm Tuesday 11/01/2011. Date Time Header

Where does Gowrie Creek drain into in Toowoomba?

Flood summary for Toowoomba • Rainfall over Toowoomba drains into Gowrie Creek and its tributaries East and West Creek and Black Gully. The headwaters of East and West Creek are to the south of the town centre and meet to become Gowrie Creek just to the north of the Toowoomba Central Business District.

Where is the rainfall recorded in Toowoomba NSW?

• Rainfall in the Toowoomba area is recorded at the Toowoomba AWS owned by Bureau of Meteorology (Bureau station number: 540162) and Toowoomba Alert owned by Seqwater (Bureau station number: 041529). The Toowoomba Regional Council also has a meso- network of rainfall recording stations.