Where can I find HKEX rules and guidance?

The HKEX Rules, Interpretation and Guidance are maintained by Thomson Reuters Governance, Risk and Compliance to organise the materials for greater accessibility. Hyperlinked cross references are now available in the HTML versions.

Who is the Chief Executive Officer of HKEx?

Nicolas Aguzin, HKEX Chief Executive Officer shares his thoughts and observations on the opportunities which lie ahead. We are proud to have been named the Best Structured Product & Derivatives Exchange.

Who is the virtual assistant of Hong Kong exchange?

Say hello to Aiden, our virtual assistant, providing you with an interactive enquiry service which is in addition to the traditional enquiry channel supported by the Market Surveillance & Monitoring Department of HKEX (MSM).

When do shareholders need to approve a pn15?

The Exchange is of the view that the approval of shareholders of the Parent must be sought for the proposal if it falls within (1) above, and that the controlling shareholder and its associates must abstain from voting if the controlling shareholder has a material interest in the proposal.

How many shareholders are required for a ch 21 fund?

Ch. 21 fund must have at least 300 shareholders, unless a waiver is obtained. No waiver for a listed Chapter 21 company has been granted since 2004 (when required minimum no. of shareholders was increased to 300).

What are the rules for listing on the main board?

Main Board Rule 13.36 (2) (a) / GEM Rule 17.41 (1) provides that no shareholders’ approval is required for an offer of securities to shareholders on a pro-rata basis. Can the listed issuer apply this rule in respect of its proposed bonus issue of warrants?

Is there a minimum market cap for ch 21?

Minimum Market Cap. Although Ch.21 funds not subject to market cap. requirement under Rule 8.09, in practice minimum market cap. must be HK$150 mln (because of required subscription size of HK$500,000 per placee and required minimum of 300 placees).