Where can I find Masada Yume Nikki?

He is found in a monochromatic spaceship, and is apparently the pilot, as there are no other characters in the area. He initially stands facing the middle of a large organ.

How do you get Demon effect Yume Nikki?

The Demon effect is acquired by interacting with the FC Demon. When interacting with Madotsuki, the FC Demon makes a sound that sounds similar to a smooch. They will always turn to look at Madotsuki when interacted with.

How do I get to dense woods Yume Nikki?

To get to the Infinite road, travel along the road until you see the Jellyfish. After interacting with it, travel to the East. Once you leave this way, you will not be able to backtrack to Dense Woods A.

How do I get to Mars in Yume Nikki?

Mars is a simple area to navigate, with no branching paths. After Madotsuki leaves the spaceship, she will soon come across a mountain. When she reaches the summit, she finds a small hole with steam rising from it. In order to reach the area inside the hole, you need to use the Midget effect to fit through it.

What happens at the end of Yume Nikki?

The Ending Sequence The ending credits After collecting all 24 effects (25 including the Instructions) in the game, Madotsuki must return to the Nexus. She then drops every last one of her effects (by equipping them and pressing the ‘5’ key). Madotsuki then leaves the dream world by pinching herself awake.

How do you get to the underground world Yume Nikki?

Underground World (倉庫, Warehouse) is a small deeper location accessed by sleeping in one out of the five randomly chosen beds spread across the dream worlds. While the player is first taken to the Staircase of Hands, going straight down leads to this small area.

Can you beat Yume Nikki?

There is an ending to Yume Nikki, and it involves a secret button — when you collect effects, you can drop them by pressing [5]. To complete Yume Nikki, you must drop all 24 effects into the Nexus. We won’t spoil the ending here, but we will drop a few hints to help you complete the adventure.

Can you run in Yume Nikki?

To play Yume Nikki you will need a minimum CPU equivalent to an Intel Pentium 4 2.00GHz. Yume Nikki will run on PC system with Windows 2000 / XP / vista / 7 and upwards….Can I Run Yume Nikki?

Download : Via Steam
Developer : kikiyama
Yume Nikki Release Date : 9th of January 2018

Are there jump scares in Yume Nikki?

Yume Nikki (Kikiyama) There aren’t any jump scares, and the whole thing’s been rendered in RPG Maker, so while there’s certainly some gore, there’s not loads of gore. There isn’t much to say about Yume Nikki’s structure other than that.

How do you trigger UBOA?

Uboa in Poniko’s House. There is a chance that the event is triggered when you turn off the light. When the event happens a bright flash fills the screen, then the entire room changes and Uboa replaces Poniko.

How many endings does Yume Nikki have?

Depending on your interpretation of Yume Nikki: Dream Diary’s introduction, it may seem like it picks up immediately after the events of that moment. Fortunately for us, acquiring its two endings are a little less complicated and have a very different tone to them.

How long does it take to complete Yume Nikki?


Single-Player Polled Median
Main Story 36 4h 46m
Main + Extras 11 6h
Completionists 10 7h 55m
All PlayStyles 57 5h 30m

What kind of character is Masada in Yume Nikki?

Masada is a humanoid NPC who appears to be wearing a solid black suit or jumpsuit. He has pale skin and medium-length black hair, and his eyes point in two different directions (from a front view, his left eye is pointing up, and his right eye is pointing down). His eyes are the only facial feature drawn on his character sprite.

Where do you find SecCom Masada in Yume Nikki?

Seccom Masada at the Spaceship’s organ, facing towards the screen. He is found in a monochromatic spaceship, and is apparently the pilot, as there are no other characters in the area. He initially stands facing the middle of a large organ.

How many effects does Madotsuki have in Yume Nikki?

Each effect changes Madotsuki ‘s appearance and some provide special abilities. Gathering all 24 effects is considered to be the primary objective of the game, and only when all effects have been gathered can the player see the game’s ending by leaving them all in the Nexus and waking up.

What was the purpose of the game Yume Nikki?

The creator of the game, KIKIYAMA, stated on their website that the game is meant to be an exploring game with a “dark atmosphere” but without plot or purpose. Still there are themes in Yume Nikki that fans collected to create different theories about the characters and locations.