Where do I put disc 2 in FSD?

Make sure that all of the games discs are visible in your games list, if you have disc 2 inside the disc 1 folder either take it out or add the path to disc 2 in your content paths settings.

Is there a way to swap discs on a PS2?

You need to get a way of manually removing the disc and placing your disc there instead! – There’s two main ways of doing this: 1. Flip Top (buy a new cover for your ps2 off the net which allows you to lift the lid on your ps2 and watch the disc spinning, lift it out, and place your cdr/dvdr there instead)

How does a PlayStation 2 slim disc tray work?

The slim, unlike the fat, has no disc tray. Instead, it has a lid. The way this works is that instead of having an Eject button that tells the PlayStation 2 that the tray is out, the slim, when the lid is opened with the Open button, the lid will pop up and the PlayStation 2 gets a signal that the lid is open.

How to setup the FSD / F3 multidisc plugin?

Check your launch.ini and see if you are loading any dashlaunch plugins Also, go into the F3 settings area and check to make sure the plugin is actually loaded. This is the info from my launch.ini FTP into your xbox and downlaod it to your PC, open it. look under the [plugins] section and make sure that all of the ‘plugin = ‘ lines are blank.

How to clear data from multi disc games?

Once you are sure all your multi disc games have all of their discs visible in the games list you can go into the settings and clear your DB (utilities -> settings -> general settings -> reset settings -> clear data).

Are there any multi disc games for Xbox 360?

Multi-Disc Games do not work like it should be. I use JTAG/RGH XBox 360 for 4 Years now. I do know all kind of Swap methods. Bioshock Infinite: Extracted Disc 2 and copied the Content on internal HDD. Works just fine. I don’t use extracted Discs only GODS, because i don’t want to have too many files on the hdd on the server.