Where do you get egg in Flyff?

Eggs can drop from any monster whose level is above 20. After feeding it 50,000 pet feed, it will hatch into one of several pets.

How do you hatch eggs in Flyff?

At the Pet Tamer, click Trade and buy the Egg Hatcher for 2.5m. Have the egg out, double click the Egg Hatcher in the inventory and it will hatch it for you.

How Do You Get Egg exp in Flyff?

Double click the egg in your inventory to summon it, and then feed it Pet Feed to increase its Exp.

How do I revive my pet in Flyff?

In order to revive a pet one must buy the “Scrolls of Pet Revival”. There are 3 different revival scrolls sold by the Cash Shop Seller. One for S Class pets, one for A Class pets and one for B Class pets. It is impossible to revive C or D class pets.

How do I use my pet in Flyff?

The quest for hatching an egg requires that the Egg be fed 50,000 Pet Feed, and then brought to a Pet Tamer, where it will hatch into a random pet with a stat value of +1, 91 HP or 5 Attack depending on the Pet. CashShop items can be used to try and get a new pet breed or new stat value.

Where can I buy pet food in Flyff?

You get pet food by hunting quest items from monsters and feeding it to the bag.To feed in the bag,u have to click on the pet tamer and look for “Feed Bag” and you put you’re quest item from monsters.

How do you get rid of awakening in Flyff?

In World Flyff, there is a special scroll that gives off only positive effects to your items, (Scroll of Awakening++) not available for purchase at any NPCs. To revert your item’s awakening, you must use (Scroll of Reversion) Buy at Premium – Mezthizo at 7,500,000 Penya each.

How do you awaken your weapon in Flyff?

How to Awaken a Piece of Equipment. Scroll of Awakening. In the same manner as upgrading items: Double Click the Scroll and click on the items that is going to be awakened, and wait.

How do you upgrade weapons in Flyff?

To upgrade an Ultimate weapon, double-click on the Shining Oricalkum and then on the weapon you wish to upgrade. After a short time, the results of the upgrade will be shown: success or failure. If the upgrade fails, both the item and the Shining Oricalkum are lost.

How do I get rid of awakening in Flyff?

To revert your item’s awakening, you must use (Scroll of Reversion) Buy at Premium – Mezthizo at 7,500,000 Penya each. (note: removing your awakes is irreversible!

How do you upgrade equipment in FlyFF?

What is piercing in FlyFF?

Piercings. You can pierce your suit, weapon, and shield in FlyFF to gain addition stats and effects. All the piercing is done the same for all types of suits, weapons, and shields. Weapons and shields can be pierced 10 times, while suits can be pierced 4 times.